Electric Car

The Electric Car
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so much more to raise your hopes

An important note to the reader

This document leads in with new technologies for the electric car. Later, at the end of this document, via a clickable reference, it identifies a total scenario, in some detail, of the remarkable hot and cold fusion technologies that will be applied to power generation, marine propulsion, aircraft propulsion and space propulsion.

The transformative nature of all these [largely proven] energy technologies is that they are totally clean, safe and are free of toxic materials of construction and produce no toxic or harmful effluent – in fact they represent the end of the era of combustion [as a source of power or propulsion].

John W VarneyAfter studying Mechanical Engineering, author John W. Varney migrated to Classical Atomic & Nuclear Physics at the Naval College in England. A member of Institution of Nuclear Engineers, he has designed aircraft jet engines, nuclear submarine primary systems design, steam plant design for power generation, application of gas turbines in power generation, and general consulting for industrial projects. Born 1939 in London, England, Varney is now retired and a single grandfather who works to promote Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) fusion technology as a clean energy alternative to fossil fuels.

Who locked the garage door on our Super electric car

Is it Santa Clause or the Wicked Witch?

Surely it can’t be the oil and auto industries, because what on earth could they have against a transformation of all road vehicles to the simple, clean, efficient and lower cost electric mode ?

Surely it can’t be the reality of a sudden and total global collapse of fuel sales to road vehicles. The fine corporate executives who have the awesome responsibilities of building a better world for themselves would not dream of compromising their future if it meant abandoning the addiction to power and wealth, even as such a selfish strategy denies any benefit [of an improved environment] for people and all other species that inhabit this planet.

Such is the world today, populated by a vast majority who have the care and passion to nurture their families against all odds that reality throws at them, and a small minority whose privilege of financial success and a position of power has blinded them to the profound gifts of service and compassion for others.

Technology suppression and deception exposes the public to avoidable dangers.

Boeing’s Dream-liner problems with lithium-ion battery fires, is a grim reminder of suppression of technologies [technologies that threaten the future of fossil fuel vehicle propulsion].

GM and elements of the Military-Industrial complex became involved in ownership of the new technology of ultracapacitors for the express purpose of burying the program in the back waters of suppression so that vehicle propulsion [land, sea and air] will survive in the profitable domain of combustion engines.

Blacklight Power have developed and proven [with an energy source classified as a variant of cold fusion] a remarkable and transforming CIHT unit [Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition] that will compete with the ultracapacitor battery when it has been scaled up for use in all road vehicles. This exciting technology is, without doubt, a target for any agency with an agenda to prolong the use of combustion engines in all road vehicles.

The following documents provide the evidence for the promising scenario [and political and industrial challenges] that will be experienced, in the emergence and global transformation from combustion to electric power for the car and all road vehicles:-

Car duel history



Engine verses Electric Energy Ratings

Protocol Sedan

Protocol Sports

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and then, so much more to raise your hopes

John Varney: Small-scale fusion is “a matter of absolute urgency”

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  1. I invested in “Electrosource Ltd.” 20 years ago that made a great battery. It used co-extruded lead on a glass fibre recucing the lead acid battery weight by 50%. Chrysler committed to using the cell in there planned electric veicles and back-out of the deal after Eltroscource was over-extended by building a factory in texas for the production. I lost my money. The battery was used with great success in Black-n-deckers battery lawnmower, They called it the “Horizon” battery.

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