Storms and Scanlan: “What is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care?”

A paper that seeks to give the interested reader some background on what cold fusion is and how one might put recent developments into context has been released by Edmund Storms and Brian Scanlan, both of Kiva Labs, an independent energy research company with labs in New Mexico and Connecticut.

Dr. Storms has been researching cold fusion, also known as LENR low-energy nuclear reactions, LANR lattice-assisted nuclear reactions, and CANR chemically-assisted nuclear reactions, since the initial announcement by Drs. Fleischmann and Pons in 1989. Formerly of Los Alamos National Labs, he is the author of The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, a comprehensive survey of the field published in 2007 by World Scientific.

Download the paper What Is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care? .pdf here.

In one part, the paper takes special note of the difference between hot and cold fusion. Hot fusion produces dangerous radiation products, has cost tens of billions of dollars, and has not produced any viable energy technology over six decades of research.

“The circumstances of cold fusion are not the circumstances of hot fusion”, said Nobel prize-winner Julian Schwinger, before resigning from the American Physical Society due to their complete rejection of cold fusion research. Cold fusion does not produce radiation the way hot fusion does, nor does it use any radioactive or toxic materials.

Table 1
Table 1 from What Is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care?

Read: What Is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care? by Edmund Storms and Brian Scanlan

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  1. To Dr. Edmund Storms,

    I inform you that BE1003296 will be duly published in English on e-Cat Site. Cheers!


  2. Undead Science vs Dead Science. According to your figures ‘hot’ fusion is cold and ‘cold’ fusion is hot. Hot in this context means easily marketable and ready to help out… in this context ‘ready to help out’ really means ‘cold’ fusion is about to make money by helping all of us to be “no longer over the barrel” for much less cost and much quicker than ‘hot’ fusion. I love science… takes us to unimagined places. Or not?

  3. What is called Cold Fusion is a real phenomenon. It is critically important BUT it is a huge threat to the status quo of a fossil fuel addicted economy.

    The centralized utilities are very capital intensive and their debt is owned and underlies the stability of both their industry and the insurance and pension plans of the nation. The oil and gas industry are likewise threatened as are their heavily capitalized refineries and distribution systems.

    Cold fusion has beren suppressed as both Amoco/BP and Shell validated it in 1995 which they recently admitted. But with the knowledge out it can no longer be kept off the market in Asia. China, India, Japan and Korea are all into the game. If we don’t move they will once again eat our lunch.

    Go Google ” When Silence Becomes Betrayal ” on the web at the “burning platform” blog. Is Chu afraid of the truth?

    1. Nice piece of writing Peter. Others have said before: when the public finds out that we had this solution shelved for over two decades, heads may roll!

      1. I doubt that heads will roll although from my perspective they should.Eugene Mallove, an old friend resigned as the Chief Technical Writer from MIT when he found that the leaders there massaged all of the tritium and helium 4 evidence out of the results of their duplicative test of F&P back in 1989.

        I presume they were trying to protect their position in the Tokomak Princeton project worth millions each year to MIT. Cal Tech test was called a failure as they did not load the deuterium to the requisite level in the same period. Cal Tech doing sloppy research?

        WE are not yet a vindictive society and do not prosecute the Higher Ups in Government or science nor even hold them accountable, which is a bit of a shame. Just look at the ex Senator/ Governor of NJ dancing away from in the theft of billions in his financial company. I mean Corrazine and his band of traders. And then of course there is Goldman Sachs and Paulson and Little Timmy’s give away of public monies to friends and family.

    1. Hey GreenWin, Not sure what you mean? I click on the download link, and the paper downloads for me.

      Is there another issue?

      Let me know…

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