What if?

Peter Gluck, a long-time researcher in cold fusion/LANR/LENR and contributor to the first issue of Infinite Energy magaizine with his “Why Technology First”, asked a simple question: What if twenty-three years ago, the scientific authorities moved to fully investigate and develop cold fusion technology?

What would have happened?

It’s your chance to write a sci fi story.

From his EgoOut site:

An alternative history of Cold Fusion.
November 1989- the state authorities for research in
the US and in all the other industrialized countries take a
historic decision: “We will go Cold!”.
That means- all the funding and forces used for Hot Fusion
will go starting from now to search and develop Cold Fusion.
Great money, thousands of scientists, many hundreds
of labs worldwide, a million of Pd-D cells (soon) all
specialized and dedicated to cold fusion. The best theorists
worldwide publishing Cold Fusion papers in peer reviewed
journals. Patent Offices following the example of US developing
fast methods for the approval of the Cold Fusion patents.
Cold Fusion has successfully climbed all the Everests of high priority.
So it has started, can you tell how it has continued up to today? –Peter Gluck


An early paper from 1992 from Dr. Peter Gluck attempting to identify the nuclear active environment:
Understanding Reproducibility: Topology is the Key download .pdf

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  1. Instead of science being shown as the incompetent and ridiculous slaves of religious, dogmatic, “opinion experts”, who deny anything out side of a steam engine, they could have restored some of the respect lost through their closed-minded, 19th. century reductionist philosophy that is falling apart around their ears.
    Millions of lives could have been enhanced or saved by cheap clean water,
    and today they still with “expert opinion” deny Cold Fusion and many other subjects where the Evidence for a real phenomenon is overwhelming.

  2. This post should open up the floodgates. There are a lot of pissed-off people out there. Maybe we should first set the stage for what happens in this fictional universe the day after the March 23, 1989 announcement by F&P with another Marshall McLulan quote.

    “An administrator in a bureaucratic world is a man who can feel big by merging his non-entity in an abstraction. A real person in touch with real things inspires terror in him.”
    Marshall McLuhan

  3. I am all for old Fusion BUT… if 23 years ago the world would’ve reacted with great enthusiasm and start harnessing this huge energy supply, I think that this one side enhancement of our society would’ve put us on a road of un-sustainability regarding overpopulation and pollution.
    Think about it. Energy alone is not enough these days. We need high standards in all the material production and other scientific fields, so we can integrate them better with Nature. True, oil and gas and everything that we use now are messy, but super-fast overpopulation and uncontrolled horizontal development can be even more difficult to bear for our society. Even if we develop better food strategies and technologies, we still need some time to apply them to get the effects we want from them.

    This is a very tricky situation. The only solution will be terra-forming MARS and moving there A LOT of people… But that looks almost impossible with our current technologies.

    At some point we need to asses how much people this planet can bear without eating each other: 50 Billion- 100 Billion? This is uncharted territory.

    1. Dragon, I’m with you on the population tip. The First Nature of this planet cannot sustain what we have been doing. Marine life is nearing collapse, ecosystems are strained as food and water are vacuumed up by humans who leave nothing for wildlife.

      BUT, what gives me hope is my studies of Marshall McLuhan where I learned that technology changes us fundamentally. With cold fusion, we will be different people! I know it sounds nuts, but if you read Media Extensions of Man or Gutenbery Galaxy or The Executive as Dropout, you will learn that all technology are extensions of us, and there is a feedback loop, and we can blindly submit, or direct our attentions to know better.

      I’m banking on an education that reduces population, and an energy technology that creates a new mental imprint in humankind, one that is sensitive to our little mud hill in space, the only one for light-years.

  4. Meanwhile, I suppose we’d keep plugging along at wind turbines and photovoltaic cells?

    For those who are interested in pursuing this idea, I’d suggest starting off with Pons & Fleischmann submitting their papers at the same time as Steve Jones, following their original agreement, rather than preempting Jones with the press conference.

  5. Please,

    let’s just get on with it. It is coming, and try as they might the powers that be and big petrochemical interests can not stop it. The naysayers have not grasped this yet. I mean after all, would god not have given man wings if he had been meant to fly. Come on, It’s time to get on board and figure how one might benefit from this coming shift in the energy paradigm. Dr. Zawodny knows, and so does NASA. Is his voice not trembling at the end of his May 24th video.
    Please watch it.

    Let’s Get It On, Paul Maher

  6. “Cold fusion” (i.e. LENR) is the key to untying the Gordian Knot of progress. Lower energy prices mean abundance because the primary bottleneck for our economy is cheap abundant energy (clean is nice too), which will predictably unleash a torrent of other innovations.

    So, if we had LENR twenty years ago, we could be a decade ahead of today in terms of technological, social, and economic progress. For sure the current gigantic economic crisis would have been averted. Furthermore, progress is exponencial, so we were robbed of a decade of EXPONENCIAL progress, and carried forward that means billions of lives in the future that won’t exist, and the people that are alive were robbed of tremendous abundance including better education, more and better food, faster transportation, clean water and sewage where they now wallow in filth…the list goes on and on.

    Just because MIT wanted to preserve their hot fusion program – hope it was worth it guys.

    1. Brad,
      Do you really think prima donnas should be upstaged just because the fate of mankind is at stake? This would set a bad precedent.

  7. In 1965 Solar(San Diego) ran a gas turbine on ammonia ,with a catalyst . Max combustion efficiency 94%, output 102% ie 8% Anonomalous. Nh3+catalyst=excess heat



  8. If I were a vampire with all the abilities of Dracula, LENR would be in the process of dissemination already. Also, I would have some solution for controlling human population and re-localizing political and economic influence while retaining the variety and connectedness of a globalized economy.

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