VIDEOS: Rossi’s “One Megawatt Plant” + New E-CAT Test (via Ny Teknik)

Two new videos of note coming from Mats Lewan of Ny Teknik.

The first is the “1 Megawatt plant”, which appears to be in the process of being shipped to the U.S., and the second is a new E-CAT test. Here’s the links to the articles/videos:

1 Megawatt Plant 1 megawatt plant video

Ecat Test Video Ecat test video

4 Replies to “VIDEOS: Rossi’s “One Megawatt Plant” + New E-CAT Test (via Ny Teknik)”

  1. It is all getting more real. I have cross-posted to

    At present we convert 10 units of oil energy into 1 unit of food energy. The oil is going away.
    Rossi’s demonstration means that we can continue our population growth. Which means that we will be forced off-planet.

    The “Limits to Growth” models show that a doubling of our resources makes pollution go asymptotic.

    Not many of us have thought through the consequences of what we are witnessing.

    Now we really need wisdom.

    Thanks Eli.

  2. I find it strange that the main steam outlet pipe on the 1MW container is so small. It seems to be 1,5″ or 2″ pipe. 1MW power will convert some 1400 kg water to steam each hour. This would result in extreme velocities beyound possible through a 2″ pipe. The steam pressure would need to some 20 to 30 bar to have steam velocities within plausible limits.

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