Cold Fusion Now Weekly Wrap + Updates

This week brought more action on the E-Cat front with promising news, and views, of a new test performed and insight into the one megawatt plant.

Our friends at Pure Energy Systems have a new write up published today which includes some posts by Andrea speaking about household units, finances, and future tests, one very important one in Uppsala . Check out their post here – “The Ultimate N-H Cold Fusion E-Cat Test”


Here’s an update from 137 Films on their upcoming documentary on Cold Fusion, called “The Believers”:

Update: 9/13/11

The Believers: Finishing Act III.  Cut to-date sent to POV for consideration for their upcoming 2012 season.  Assembling film festival calendar.  Partial screening at Northwestern University’s School of Engineering September 27.

Translation: They’re sending the as of edited version to the popular PBS based documentary series “POV” for a hopeful inclusion, which would be a huge deal for getting it seen thoughout the TV landscape. Though I’m guessing they are still leaving an editing gap open in Act III, for say, some end of October results. If anyone attends Northwestern and can go to the September 27th screening, let us know how it goes and what the discussion is like afterwards.

Finally, back to the E-Cat and the mystery partnership; while everyone has been talking the nostalgic giant NASA, have they been forgetting the current giant ruling the digital environment?  Here’s a bit about why Google could be the real partner – “Cheers and See You At Google Next Month”

Giuliano Bettini on the E-Cat facebook page adds to the above,

I add that the test early September with that customer, which has been much talk in here and said that they had done in the U.S. at NASA, were actually carried out in Bologna. Add that, from what I’ve been told, the test was successful: the American customer is satisfied and does not doubt that the E. Cat represents a new source of energy and not a scam, and I repeat is NOT a customer bamboozled in any way.
Mats Lewan has achieved its video after the test with the American customer had already been concluded (again positively)

All for now, stay well and add any updates/insights in the comments.



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    A new era of clean safe energy has begun. Thanks to all the hard working and dedicated chemists and physicists who continued to investigate the mysteries of Cold Fusion when they were ridiculed and ostracized by the establishment physicists and Skeptics. The world is desperate for abundant green energy to fuel our industries and transportation. Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi are now ready to demonstrate their Energy Catalyzer (e-Cat), nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing thermal energy. Thanks to all the scientists who continued the investigation of Cold Fusion. For more information see, 60 minutes show and this BBC show about cold fusion.

    In mid October there will be an announcement and demonstration of the Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi Energy Catalyzer (e-Cat), nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing thermal energy. The e-Cat is an advanced model of the ‘Cold Fusion’ reactor introduced by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. At the e-Cat demonstration, input and output measurements will be made by top world class scientists to confirm that the Rossi Energy Catalyzer is producing substantial amounts of energy and that a new era of clean safe energy has begun.

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