Roseanne Barr: The Peace and Freedom Challenge For All

Last night I said the word “nuclear” in a room full of lefties – and lived!

Well it was a Peace and Freedom Party event, and Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr spoke at a fundraiser in Venice California.

My girlfriend Suzy Williams was performing a set (with Cold Fusion Now WordPress guru Humphrey on bass!) to introduce the candidate.

I went with our new t-shirt design honoring the godfathers of CF (not quite available publicly yet) to give to Ms. Barr, along with a challenge:

Would she start talking about cold fusion as part of a clean energy policy?

Well, Roseanne Barr is a comedienne who had a long-running TV sit-com Roseanne about a working class family and is now running for President of the United States, representing a third party that will garner only a fraction of the votes that our mainstream “democratic” political entities will rake in.

But Roseanne’s speech was deadly serious as she ran down the shopping list on the supposed elite that have exponentially amassed financial power at the expense of our planet and its people.

You didn’t have to be a registered Peace and Freedom Party member to be impressed by her sharp analysis.

During the question and answer portion of the talk, I alerted the candidate to a new energy science that is just now emerging as a technology called cold fusion, and a few in the crowd whooped it up!

Why, there was some support there!

Ms. Barr even said “I heard about that…”

When I asked her if she would support this solution to our energy problems, well I couldn’t have been more pleased with her reasoned reply.

To start off her investigation, I walked over to the front of the stage and handed her my card, a few stickers with our website address, and our new t-shirt (test model!).

Not realizing that I had breached security, her body guard ran over to mediate the exchange!

Kristie Austin (mistakenly identified as her associate Ruby Lexington), an independent radio hostess and activist, took phone video of the encounter.

As I got back to my “seat” (on the floor – the place was packed), I was approached by several individuals.

“Hey, can I get some materials on this?”

“Can I buy a t-shirt from you? My friend works on cold fusion.”

“Have you heard about that guy in Italy?”

It was a risk to say the word nuclear in this context. But I did it anyway, linked as it was to “No radioactive materials involved.”

Still, there was a bit of silence after that word.

Still, Roseanne Barr said “I want a world free of all nuclear anything”, not knowing that nuclear power does not equate to the deadly scourge of radioactive waste that pollutes our planet.

Nuclear means “tiny”.

Nuclear means “the central portion of an atom”.

There are many nuclear processes, and dirty and dangerous fission is only one of them – one that we want to get rid of.

It doesn’t matter if your politics are right or left, if you’re mainstream or fringe.

We all need to breathe clean air, have fresh water, and eat wholesome food.

And we all need to use energy.

I challenge everyone interested in changing to clean energy generated by cold fusion/LENR/LANR/quantum fusion to attend their city, county, state, and national meetings and put the question to those holding office, and those running for office:

“Will you choose a clean energy future
for your children?”

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  1. It was great meeting you last night and great job editing this video together!

    Kristie Austin

    P.S. Ruby Lexington is my cohost who was unable to attend last night 🙂

    1. Aaaahhh! Thanks Kristie! I’ll try to edit that!

      Thank you for your support and for all the good work you’re doing.

  2. Economics Cold Fusion LENR Power

    Not so far in the near distant future…

    “The world has completed conversion to the clean, nearly free and unlimited, energy of the nuclear reactive environment of cold fusion. The race to conversion has occurred at a breakneck speed never before seen in the adoption of a new technology. Fueled by both environmental and economic imperatives, this rapid conversion has changed the landscape of national and international economics.” USA Today 2025

  3. By now I think LENR is real and developable in the near term as a product for heating. I feel more ambivalent about the noble gas engine that is being developed by Intelligentry. 

    The history of the Joseph Papp noble gas engine and particularly the test performed at CalTech witnessed by Richard Feinman are very intriguing. The engine blew apart and killed one of the witnesses, because of interference from Feinman. Feinman claimed that the engine blew up because explosives were planted, no gasoline powered engine could cause such a powerful explosion. But because someone died (and another was seriously injured) there was an extensive investigation where no evidence of any known explosive could be found. There are many videos showing running Papp engines on YouTube and elsewhere.

    The interesting thing about the Papp engine is its basic operating theory. A closed cylinder (no valves) above a standard piston, connecting rod and crankshaft is charged, one time, with a mixture of noble gases. An RF ignition system causes a (LENR ?) reaction, ‘burning’ a molecule or two of the (billions of ) gas molecules, causing rapid expansion and some heat forcing the piston down. Pretty ordinary. But wait… when the ignition system is turned off at the proper time, the gasses condense (contract), absorb an equal amount of heat and ‘suck’ the piston back up.

    Two power strokes per revolution, no valves or camshaft, no exhaust, no heat, no water cooling system. The noble gas eventually leaks out past the piston ring seals and the cylinder(s) will need to be recharged with a few cc’s of gas every six months of run time. The crank case may be permanently sealed as the crank case oil will last a long time without the heat and combustion products to degrade it.

    Joseph Papp demonstrated running engines in the ’60’s and some (poor quality) videos were made. Papp died in the 80’s never having commercialized his invention and the whereabouts of his engines is unknown. Intelligentry claims to have duplicated and further developed the engine and is currently seeking to license manufacturers.


    For a long listing of research papers and articles about LENR see:

  4. Good move Ruby. Roseanne would have nothing to loss and everything to gain by talking about the greatest technological discovery in history.

      1. P.S.
        It would be hard to believe that President Obama doesn’t get updates about Rossi’s progress in his morning intelligence briefings.

  5. Thanks Ruby. It was interesting to get that much audience support. Glad you are on the front line.

  6. Thank you all for your support.

    The fact is, whether your liberal, conservative, or somewhere in-between, we need *everybody* on board.

    I was glad to have the opportunity to speak to a whole roomful of people, as well as a national figure, on the issue of clean energy.

    Whatever level of society you’re at, it can only help to communicate the importance of cold fusion as a breakthrough energy to your peers.

    1. LENr is strange an inclusive energy.
      On our forum we gather pure market-liberal, socialist, green, and anti-green, warmist, anti-warmist, pro-nuke and anti-nuke, and …
      LENR is good for every body, except maybe the incumbent.
      For the green it will reduce pollution. for the anti-green it will do that without losing much comfort or wealth, even gaining much.
      For the warmist it will solve Global Warming problem, for the anti-warmist it will reassure warmist without losing wealth and comfort.
      For anti-nuke it will finishe fission energy quickly. for pro-nuke it will work like the dream of nuke, without the moaning anti-green around blocking all.
      For the market-liberal it will increase productivity without government tweaking, for the socialist it will help increase worker class income and social protection like in the 60s.

      The hard-workers will find opportinities to be richer.
      The leisure lovers will be able to work less…

      The losers will be the organizations (not the employee who will find job and vacation to replace those useless jobs) based on the old energy, and their shareholders.
      The losers will also be the Malthusian ideology organisation based on guiltness, anti-growth, peak every-thing.

      First they will try to block the revolution, probably by spreading FUD (fears, uncertainties and doubt), with incumbent companies exploiting the Malthusians to call of over-regulation of LENR.
      The will all, as usual, paint an awfull portait of the job revolution, painting themselves as protectors of the worker class…
      The government , like it is explained in “the Next Convergence” will stupidly protect the old job, instead of protecting the workers, helping them to change jobs quickly.
      The regulation will be used to concentrate energy into few big companies, in expensive and huge power plants…

      The war will be between that “business as usual” dream of incumbent, and the crowd of small business wanting to sell small units for small industry, and home usage.

      the battle will be bloody, as usual, but with a higher stake.

      1. Excellently stated, Alain.

        The fact is that everybody wins with cold fusion.

        The conjecture (a la McLuhan) is our new mental imprint will pull us along to a more evolved and peaceful mindset.

  7. Love the new T-shirt. I look forward to seeing them available soon. It was great that you were able to make it out to Roseanne’s presentation and went with an open mind. Ditto for Ms. Barr.

    I really hope Roseanne does look into this in depth enough to understand that not only is cold fusion a clean, safe, and economical power source, but it also has the ability to neutralize the radioactivity of “that other” nuclear power. No other new energy technology, regardless of how promising, has the ability to clean up the mistakes of dirty nuclear power like LENR. I think that is a selling point in and of itself. In a poll I did a couple of months ago, 63% of the respondents said that the ability of cold fusion cells to remediate nuclear waste was either equally or more important than inexpensive, safe energy production! See here for further details.

    If Roseanne can bring attention to this field while the “serious” candidates give us empty promises and no real solutions, I think her run for the White House can be considered a great success. She may not have political power per se, but she has star power and this in this culture that is influential in and of itself. Who knows, she may be able to use her status and connections to help fund one of the many cold fusion researchers and/or companies like Brilluion up the road in Berkeley or Defkalion now that they have set up shop in Vancouver. One can hope.

    As an aside, and totally unrelated to the matter at hand, I did try a “loose meat” sandwich the other day and it was delicious. I was watching an episode of Roseanne set in the Landford Lunchbox, and I asked my wife if she knew what a “loose meat” sandwich was, as she is from the Mid-West where they are popular. Well, first she informed me that in her neck of the woods they were called “Made-Rites.” I said, “whatever the name, what is it.” It was then informed it was just ground beef fried up with onions and served on 1 slice of bread. She made some for dinner and now I’m hooked like Harold and Kumar are to White Castle (but not for the same reason exactly).

    1. Very good points Ben. The cold fusion remediation effect should be very attractive to anti-nuke people like Roseanne. Low cost power AND a clean way to eliminate much of our radioactive waste!

  8. Ruby, great intro to cold fusion for candidate Roseanne! She fits with a new breed of politicians who are standing up and telling like they see it Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Roseanne Barr. Make sure that Roseanne sees the 2009 CBS 60 Minutes “No Longer Junk Science” segment. And the NASA videos (people believe it’s whizzy if it’s from NASA.) And then perhaps a screening of “The Believers” film to cover work up until Rossi.

    While Roseanne won’t get many votes, she does get press coverage. There is a good flock of Hollywood people who can help get this into the hearts and minds of Americans – Roseanne, Charlie Sheen, Oprah, & others might agree to help. Meanwhile, the work grows ever-more productive.

    On the “nuclear” word – you can remind people that the medical scan MRI is actually a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Image. Cold fusion is a RADIATION-FREE quantum energy source and should not be confused with nuclear power plants of today!! Thanks again Ruby, you are a terrific evangelist.

  9. Just a comment on the “fusion energy calculation” on the top of the home page:
    The hot fusion people are working on deuterium-tritium fusion. The tritium is made from lithium. So the limiting factor for ITER (if it could be achieved) would be lithium (not the limitless amounts of deuterium in the oceans). So, Years Fueled by D + T Fusion would be about 60 million years (based on terrestrial lithium).

    1. This is a good comment, Alan, but it does no go far enough. The hot fusion reaction forms tritium, which can be recycled and used make more energy, but the other half of the energy appears as neutrons, which must be converted to tritium by reacting with Li at the site for this energy to be recovered. Unfortunately, this reaction is not perfect, so that a lot of energy escapes and is lost. This means that tritium must be supplied from another source to make up for this loss. Tritium is presently obtained from fission reactors where the neutrons convert lithium or deuterium to tritium. This means that in addition to the huge and expensive fusion generator, a normal fission reactor must be run to supply the required extra tritium. This feature combined with the very expensive periodic replacement of the first wall will make this source of energy totally impractical, even if the physics is mastered. These problems have been discussed in the scientific press, but have been ignored by the funding agencies and the general public. Once again, a hopeless solution to our energy problem is being supported and advertized. The deal breaker is not the availability of lithium or deuterium. The problem is the basic impractical nature of this energy source.

      1. Thanks Edmund. So, it’s even worse than I thought. I should have mentioned that nothing is wrong with Ruby’s calculation. It’s just that no one noticed the slight of hand trick that took place when they couldn’t achieve D-D fusion (their original promise) and switched over to D-T fusion that’s easier to achieve. I remember reading WAY BACK IN THE 1970’s an English translation of a Russian paperback about the future that said D-D fusion is the only way to go because with D-T fusion lithium was the limiting factor.

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