Roseanne Barr: The Peace and Freedom Challenge For All

Last night I said the word “nuclear” in a room full of lefties – and lived!

Well it was a Peace and Freedom Party event, and Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr spoke at a fundraiser in Venice California.

My girlfriend Suzy Williams was performing a set (with Cold Fusion Now WordPress guru Humphrey on bass!) to introduce the candidate.

I went with our new t-shirt design honoring the godfathers of CF (not quite available publicly yet) to give to Ms. Barr, along with a challenge:

Would she start talking about cold fusion as part of a clean energy policy?

Well, Roseanne Barr is a comedienne who had a long-running TV sit-com Roseanne about a working class family and is now running for President of the United States, representing a third party that will garner only a fraction of the votes that our mainstream “democratic” political entities will rake in.

But Roseanne’s speech was deadly serious as she ran down the shopping list on the supposed elite that have exponentially amassed financial power at the expense of our planet and its people.

You didn’t have to be a registered Peace and Freedom Party member to be impressed by her sharp analysis.

During the question and answer portion of the talk, I alerted the candidate to a new energy science that is just now emerging as a technology called cold fusion, and a few in the crowd whooped it up!

Why, there was some support there!

Ms. Barr even said “I heard about that…”

When I asked her if she would support this solution to our energy problems, well I couldn’t have been more pleased with her reasoned reply.

To start off her investigation, I walked over to the front of the stage and handed her my card, a few stickers with our website address, and our new t-shirt (test model!).

Not realizing that I had breached security, her body guard ran over to mediate the exchange!

Kristie Austin (mistakenly identified as her associate Ruby Lexington), an independent radio hostess and activist, took phone video of the encounter.

As I got back to my “seat” (on the floor – the place was packed), I was approached by several individuals.

“Hey, can I get some materials on this?”

“Can I buy a t-shirt from you? My friend works on cold fusion.”

“Have you heard about that guy in Italy?”

It was a risk to say the word nuclear in this context. But I did it anyway, linked as it was to “No radioactive materials involved.”

Still, there was a bit of silence after that word.

Still, Roseanne Barr said “I want a world free of all nuclear anything”, not knowing that nuclear power does not equate to the deadly scourge of radioactive waste that pollutes our planet.

Nuclear means “tiny”.

Nuclear means “the central portion of an atom”.

There are many nuclear processes, and dirty and dangerous fission is only one of them – one that we want to get rid of.

It doesn’t matter if your politics are right or left, if you’re mainstream or fringe.

We all need to breathe clean air, have fresh water, and eat wholesome food.

And we all need to use energy.

I challenge everyone interested in changing to clean energy generated by cold fusion/LENR/LANR/quantum fusion to attend their city, county, state, and national meetings and put the question to those holding office, and those running for office:

“Will you choose a clean energy future
for your children?”