“The Cold Fusion Revolution is Here – Time to Change the World”

The MIT IAP Cold Fusion 101 course taught by Dr. Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Mitchell Swartz was attended by Cold Fusion Now’s Jeremy Rys of Alien Scientist and all five days of science lectures are posted on the Cold Fusion Now Youtube channel.

Now, Jeremy has put together a video summarizing the state of the field with a historical background for the non-scientist to enjoy.

Watch: “The Cold Fusion Revolution is Here at MIT 2014 – Time To Change the Worldhere!

3 Replies to ““The Cold Fusion Revolution is Here – Time to Change the World””

  1. Well Ruby these days it seems that the few real scientists are convincing some Ostriches to start peeking their heads out of the sand.
    If when they look out they detect a few of their peers looking at the Moon and saying O it might be real, then their confidence may rise enough for them to start saying O Cold Fusion, of course I have believed in that for 24 years.
    We live in a strange World.

      1. Very interesting link, there must be some reason why most scientists have fallen into following the most ridiculous dictates of their establishment.
        If it is not reductionist it cannot exist, “opinion” is more important than Evidence, debunking and denial are the main tools of science these days.
        As I said it is a strange World that hopefully will improve.

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