Successful Defkalion demo has scientists wanting more

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Cold Fusion: After the streaming of 22 and 23 July, Defkalion has decide to make more accurate measurements on his apparatus.

Saturday night, July 3 (Editor – August 3?) at 20:00, and then repeat Sunday the 4th at 23:00, Moebius will broadcast on Radio 24, a new chapter on the controversial story on cold fusion (better defined LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction).

On July 22, Moebius and TRIWU ‘organized a streaming from the Defkalion laboratories of Europe in Milan, devoted to describing how a cold fusion experiment works in general (also this definition is controversial), during the streaming in which it was amply clear that the appointment was far from presenting as a demo.

On 23 July, at the request of the International Conference on Cold Fusion taking place in Columbus, Missouri, Defkalion organized a long demo of about 10 hours, at which – since broadcast live on the Internet – was attended by a very large number of people, almost 30 thousand contacts, among which were many technicians. Specifically designed for an audience of 200 physicists gathered in Columbus, who watched for an hour and a half, there were many requests for clarification on the apparatus in operation.

This suggested to Defkalion the need to investigate aspects of the measurement.
In the interview on Saturday 3 July (Editor – August 3?) in Moebius will explain the various aspects of that decision.

The streaming video of the July 22 and 23 are available online at


Fusione fredda: dopo gli streaming del 22 e 23 luglio la Defkalion
decide di effettuare misure più accurate sul suo apparato.

Sabato sera 3 luglio alle 20, e poi in replica domenica 4 alle
23,all’interno della trasmissione di scienza Moebius, in onda su Radio
24, un nuovo capitolo dedicato alla controversa vicenda sulla fusione
fredda (meglio definita LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction).

Il 22 luglio scorso Moebius e TRIWU’ hanno organizzato un streaming
dai laboratori della Defkalion Europe a Milano, dedicati a descrivere
come funziona in generale un esperimento di fusione fredda (anche
questa definizione è controversa), streaming durante il quale si è
ampiamente chiarito che l’appuntamento era ben lontano dal presentarsi
come una demo.

Il 23 luglio la Defkalion, su richiesta delle Conferenza Mondiale
sulla fusione fredda in corso a Columbus nel Missouri, ha organizzato
una lunga demo di 10 ore circa, alla quale – era ovvio, essendo in
Internet – ha partecipato un numero decisamente ampio di persone,
quasi 30 mila contatti, fra i quali moltissimi tecnici. In
particolare, poi, da una platea di 200 fisici riuniti a Columbus, sono
arrivate, per un’ora e mezzo, molte richieste di chiarimento
sull’apparato in funzione.

Questa perfomance ha suggerito a Defkalion la necessità di
approfondire alcuni aspetti della misurazione.
Nell’intervista di sabato 3 luglio a Moebius si chiariranno i vari
aspetti di tale decisione.

I video degli streaming del 22 e 23 luglio sono disponibili on line su

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10 Replies to “Successful Defkalion demo has scientists wanting more”

  1. Is it my imagination or have the number of hit pieces in the mainstream media been tapering off? Now, whenever they attempt to slander LENR they wind up looking like complete fools. I think the general public is becoming habituated to their tricks. It must be making it harder for the powers that be to recruit the stooges they need to juggle their lies.

    1. I am more pessimistic than you.
      The source of the manipulation is not the governments or claimed power to be… but the media and the owner of Good. We are manipulated everydays by those lobbies, and when you think you are aware of manipulation of governments and corp, you are simply following their brainwashing…

      the group who blocked LENr is a few expert of science community, used as scientific advisors.
      The media enforced the ban of LENR from the mind of people.
      soon when LENr will be recognized as real, this will be the turn to NGO to block LENR, and once again the media will reley their FUD, as they do usuall.

      and as usual, corporations and government will follow those opinion leaders, and sell what they ask.

      1. What I do find disconcerting is a carbon tax. I think that once a carbon tax is in place the puppet masters (not necessarily the puppets we see on the world stage) will do their best to inhibit the introduction of LENR. The tax as well as being a cash cow would more importantly be their excuse to micromanage our lives.
        I just wonder sometimes about what sort of person prefers this degree of control over others. Unpredictability, to a certain extent, can sometimes be the spice of life. To be able to completely predict the outcome of ones interactions with another would be as Alan Watts said “like making love to a plastic women and who wants that?” (I’ll try to dig up that Alan Watts video.)

        1. Can’t find the video I was thinking of but this is the quote:

          “Many of us have an ambition, especially in an age of technological competence, to have everything under our control. This is a false ambition because you’ve only got to think for one moment what it would be like to really know and control everything. Supposing we had a supercolossal technology which could go to our wildest dreams of technological competence so that everything that is going to happen would be foreknown, predicted, and everything would be under our control. Why, it would be like making love to a plastic woman! There would be no surprise in it, no sudden answering touch as when we touch another human being. There comes out a response, something unexpected, and that’s what we really want.”


  2. Who is blocking LENR? Nobody that I can discern. It appears we are all waiting for the commercialization of all of these laboratory demonstrations to validate the technology. But it seems we get no closer to a commercial product from year to year. The Defkalion demo does not represent an independently verifiable proof of the viability of their cold fusion device.

    Even though I am a skeptic about LENR I would love to see it realized. But those who are representing its public face like Rossi come across like flimflam artists. I watched the Defkalion demo live and continually wondered what was actually being measured. Where was the steam? How did that steam translate into electrical measurements comparing input to output. For me who wanted to see the innards of the technology the black box and a digital display said nothing. I liked the moderator. He appeared more credible than Rossi. But I thought it was a poor demonstration overall.

    Also I understood there was a University of Texas demo at the conference. I have gone looking for the content online and found nothing. If you have the link could you please send it to me. I have dedicated a number of blog postings to LENR and continue to investigate what Fleishmann and Pons first observed.

    1. steam was not counted as steam, but as hot water… present to the skeptics, if you see the test.

      the COP is much higher that what is shown, to stop the usual pathoskeptics claims…
      clearly it is not enough, as psychiatry predict.

      now they call for isoperibolic calorimetry, mona that there was only 1 reactor…
      exactly what they asked before.
      They moan on steam while it was not counted.

      that story is ridiculous… it is all the story of LENR. the evidence are there, but impossible to convince a donkey that don’t want to drink.
      whatever is proposed it is not enough. I have only see that on conspiracy groups, and some pseudo-science supporters…

      1. Without more details about where the temperatures and pressures were read you cannot say whether the calculations erred on the side of conservatism or not. If the input temperature and output temperatures were both measured at 5 bar pressure absolute then the calculations are not conservative and the difference of the calculated input and exit enthalpies correctly assess the energy produced. If the exit temperature was read down stream after the water was allowed to flash into steam and the pressure was assumed to be 5 bar rather than the actual value (ie they assumed incorrectly constant pressure), then the assessment of the energy produced would be low (conservative). Without a diagram of the apparatus that clearly shows how the experiment was conducted we have no basis for a solid opinion except that the view of the event is turgid.

        All I will say is that the experiment adds to the body of anecdotal evidence of LENR but by itself it does not satisfy me.

  3. Defkalion uses as catalyst “potassium” producing negative hydrogen anions (H-). See therefor e-Cat Site the article “Cold Fusion Catalyst”.

  4. I know many of you are concerned that this opportunity for humanity will be buried by certain powers or Big Money, but I think a fair number of monied people are also looking at the reality of the global marketplace along with the lowered spending power of the “middle class” in the West and understanding that the only way to sustain any kind of a –growth economy– is if working people can find some kind of disposable income. Otherwise, their world of endless growth will come to an end soon. Eventually, the energy industry and agriculture must change or the the entirety of their economic and geopolitical power will slip away. Better to compromise now than have absolutely nothing later.

  5. The phenomenon is real, the technology is almost there. I look to folks like Robert Dowdy and the Millennial Train Project and think tank to bring it to the people. They are traveling across the country right now. The folks at PULSE Magazine are making in roads as well. The naysayers, the doubters and undercutters are real aswell. As far as the oil, gas, coal and conventional nuclear folks are concerned there is no looking for support from them. They can only see as far as the end of their own financial interest and are content to slather the planet in oil and radioactive waste.

    C’mon already, let’s get with the program DOE. You now sport links on your website to positive papers concerning LENR, but you have to really dig for it. and several other links to vast numbers of scientific papers supporting this phenomenon. also sports 10,007 papers on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and related phenomena and technologies.

    The most aggravating turn of events has taken place surrounding Global Energy Corporation, SPAWAR, JWK Corp, and Guam with a boondoggled attempt to bring the GeNie Reactor to Guam. Frank Carlucci, Thomas M. Davis III, and Norman Mineta, all ex-government guys. Why in the world couldn’t they have set the first one up at Yucca Mountain. They have no radioactive waste in Guam to transmute. The story is that they were bringing in raw Uranium ore to use in the reactor. Perhaps the Navy has massed a bunch or radioactive waste down there. I would sure like to know what the future of the this much needed Reactor will be. They are still monkeying around in Washington DC about whether to and how to transport radioactive waste from all over the country. I also heard not so long ago that our country has volunteered to take care of several other countries nuclear waste. We need the GeNie Reactor or something very much like it.

    Let’s stop naysaying and get this done. NOW!!!


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