Scientists and citizens want your input

Another group of scientists and citizens, this time in Spain, engaged in seeking energy solutions – and this crew wants your input! You must register and login to comment.

Another opportunity to bring up cold fusion! Will it turn someone on to the possibility of ultra-clean energy from seawater?

Go to and submit your comment about LENR.

From the website:

……This website is dedicated to interfacing scientist and societies in a discussion over the global energy crisis. The discussion supported here is intended to facilitate the discovery of potential, feasible, desirable solutions to the global energy crisis of the 21st century.

…….We want to perform an innovative experiment in Extended Peer Review, where the scientific information that we present here is evaluated by an extended community of peers, including scientists from various different disciplines and/or laypersons from outside of scientific society.

The aim is to develop a conversation about energy future scenarios between scientists and general publics throughout the world, using a combination of face to face discussion and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – including Blogging, videos and radio and television broadcasts. To carry out this experiment we have created this interactive website, in order to open up and advance a public conversation on energy futures.

It serves as a forum for the internet based part of the conversation and also as a staging platform for collecting the cyber-space based interventions from experts and laypeople from around the world, which will be presented and discussed at the ‘on the ground’ Event Day part of the experiment “Fossil Energy Dependence and Our Energy Future: A Public Conversation” – set to take place on the afternoon of 22 Oct., 2010 at the Cosmocaixa Science Centre (the science museum of the city of Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain.