Query interviews Giuseppe Levi

Query, the official journal of the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CICAP), has a new interview with University of Bologna Department of Physics Professor Giuseppe Levi.

The interview covers New Energy Times journalist Steven Krivit‘s controversial visit to Bologna, written documentation of the university’s E-Cat tests, and the university’s new research contract with Andrea Rossi. Of particular note, regarding the contract:

“Then you have the freedom to publish your results, I guess.”

“Absolutely. This was of course a conditio sine qua non. In this part of the total freedom to publish results that are positive or negative. At the measures we are totally free to do so.”

Members of the University of Bologna research team conducting tests on Rossi’s E-Cat will include Professors Levi, Ferrari, Bonetti, Campari, and Villa.

(The interview in the link above is an English machine translation of the original interview in Italian, which can be found here.)