Plasma micro-reactor steaming ahead

Charles François of FuturProbable continues to develop his TMLECPW plasma micro-reactor for use as a steam generator.

This technology is getting smaller and more sophisticated with François claiming 245% energy return. In a video released June 22 (below), he provides some background on the TMLECPW technology en Française, described as having 51 Watts input and 125 Watts output.

The most recent video above unveils the new Micro Plasma Reactor design that looks, well, … “Awesome, dude!“. With a professed energy return of 300%, it is!

François is preparing to move to new lab space, where he will work towards a higher steam output suitable for a hot-water boiler.

Fusion Froide Maintenant!


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  1. Regular heat pumps (eg air source or ground source) can manage a COP or 3 to 5. A COP of 2.45 is ok as long as the capital costs are reasonable.

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