November 11, 2010

Cold Fusion Now salutes our best friend, husband, artist, inventor, and veteran Steven K. Davis. We love you!

Today we thank our veteran’s around the world, and all the soldiers, known and unknown, who have fought for freedom throughout history, as we envision a world without the brutality of war.

O, People of the Earth!
Say no to resource wars.
Say no to mass extinction.
Say no to dirty and dangerous nuclear power plants.

Modern physics and new energy revealed new possibilities for a clean energy future!
Support peaceful technologies.
Support clean technologies.
Support the new energy movement.

Call the Whitehouse Comment Line 1-202-456-1111.
Tell President Obama to fund LENR research now and transition to a peaceful new energy economy, revitalize science education and create jobs for young scientists by funding research labs and in schools and institutions. Replace war with clean energy development!

In the US? Find a veteran’s clinic near you and drop off some new energy DVDs, books, and magazines. Veteran’s clinics and rehabilitation center’s need materials for recuperating veteran’s and their families who visit with them. Long recuperation times with nothing to do, and sometimes, no visitors, can really bring a soul down.

Support your local veteran’s by donating your time with a visit. Bring some goodies to snack on while you chat with somebody who just wants to talk, and most of all, bring cold fusion movies and magaizines for their library shelf.

Wherever you are in the world, be kind and compassionate with those who have seen battle. They need your touch of love!