BBC archive footage profiles sono-luminescence

Researchers have developed various designs to induce “cold fusion” since the original Pons and Fleischmann electrolytic cell, so that now, cold fusion is an umbrella term to describe many different forms of creating non-conventional fusion energy.

This video is a brief history of cold fusion along with a profile of sono-luminescence where sound passes through a jar of liquid, creating a bubble that flashes with energy.

I’ll take one!

This video from the BBC in 2005 claims the US government “started pouring money into research to investigate whether sono-luminescence could finally be the shortcut to nuclear fusion that scientists had been dreaming of…”. Did they? Hmm….

Today, any one of many new energy technologies could create the power for Earth’s future and that’s what the new energy movement is about: looking beyond the renewables to the quantum world of light, atoms, fractals, and superwaves. Space itself holds energy, we have only to learn to tap it.

A transcript and summary of this piece is on the BBC Horizon show site.

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Here’s the first two of five parts.

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