Michio Kaku informed on new developments in cold fusion

Jeremy Rys of AlienScientist.com asks Dr. Michio Kaku his thoughts on cold fusion science, and alerts him to the accelerating development of the field since the first announcement of the discovery 25 years ago.

Dr. Kaku is a teacher and author of numerous popular science books as well as textbooks on high-level theoretical physics.

He held a Q&A for the public on April 7, and Jeremy seized the opportunity to inquire about cold fusion energy. Initially ignored, Jeremy was able to persist and solicit a few answers from Kaku that showed an unfamiliarity with the recent advances.

A link to the 2014 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT presentations was provided to him, and hopefully, Dr. Kaku will take the opportunity to see that the future is truly green and bright – if we have the clean energy to fuel it.

Watch the story unfold here.

It’s activism like this that will bring ultra-clean energy from the hydrogen in water to a usable technology ASAP.

Talking about cold fusion with your friends, family, teachers, legislators, and media is the most important thing anyone of us can do to bring awareness and support for a green technological future on Earth.

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  1. My open thoughts about this:

    I was the one who saw Michio announce the first AMA on Facebook and responded instantly within seconds as I realized that If I made the top comment – Michio Kaku would see it if he happens to handle his Facebook Account himself.

    I then posted information about the AMA on my webpage and sent emails to my friends to inform that this was a great opportunity to influence one of the giants of popular and sci-fi science

    Several others bumped my post and posted their own questions about Cold Fusion which was ignored during the first Q & A.

    Some of the questions Michio has spend time to answer was for example:
    “do you ever think we will be able to detect lightnings on the sun”

    People where upset, not only people from the Cold Fusion community but people from other communities who had asked good questions with existential importance.

    Then several people contacted me to inform me that I had been wasted my time. People have been reaching out to Michio Kaku for years to get good answer to questions similar to these. They said it was a waste of time and I believed them because they made good arguments.

    Jeremy later informed me that he wanted to call Michio Out again and that he was making a video. I thought it was not worth to spend time on but I also realize only loosers give up after one attempt so I said to myself…. lets try again. Ill support my friend.

    My questions was ignored both AMA – but others wasn’t.

    I was very surprised to see that Michio answered about Cold Fusion but since his answer was both irrational and built on false and misleading information I cant -and i think others feel the same – just move on with our lives accepting so low quality yapping from someone who is supposed to be the oracle of modern science.

    Jeremy Rys mentioned he might be interested in a third wave of confrontation.
    Maybe that is not such a bad idea?

    Possible we could gather even more people with a better game plan to really make a democratic impact

    Considering that tech magazines that have written about cold fusion typically pays for bogus facebook, twitter and google+ statistics I would say that this outreach, especially considering the caliber of people this information reached out to, was one of the greatest victories we had the last 10 years. (except for the andrea rossi report last year)

    The value this single effort will brings back to us over a period of two years could be enormous.

    But, I would also like to mention that Michio as well did some good points about experiments and replications. Social outreach is not everything. We need to support the open projects such as the Hydrobetatron and MFMP so they have technology to share and distribute on a much larger scale than they have today.

    I think also E-catworld is working on some project with something that could possible (?) be easily replicated.

    My best hope and guess is that there will be news announced of great significance during the year that will spread out to new circles like wildfire but I am not a great fan of “wait and see”. There is lots we can learn from this and build upon.

    There has been so much time wasted on petitions or posting great materials that only reaches out to a very small group of people – many of them retired and lacking of a social network.

    This was a great effort from the Cold Fusion Now team

    Michio Kaku might continue to sell millions of books but a 10 year old will be able understand that Michio Kaku lost a lot of credibility during this effort. At least that goes for me – I wont waste any more time listen to his theoretical models if he can not intelligent address observational evidence.


    1. It takes a whole crew, DB. We are all recruiting “one mind at a time”, but soon, the power of exponential growth will bring support by the millions!

      THANK YOU for all you do!

  2. “So the fact that Pons and Fleischmann were still alive meant the experiment hadn’t worked.”
    Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100
    By Michio Kaku

    So, he was TOTALLY WRONG!

    1. Wow, interesting Alan. He is not the only one who will have to change their stance. It will be interesting to see who hangs on like a die-hard, and who opens to a new reality.

      Michio Kaku has done a great job translating obscure science into easily understandable ideas, and written so many excellent books and articles.

      I can only hope that he will be like Robert Duncan, and look at the facts. If so, then we will have a HUGE voice for this community in an otherwise excellent popularizer of science.

      1. Hi Ruby, I used to listen to his radio show on WBAI in the 1990s. I called into his show when he was talking about the ozone layer to bring to his attention a review article in The Journal of Chemical Education by Gordon Gribble at Dartmouth that mentioned that volcanoes also produce CFCs ( in just parts per billion but never the less, they are found in nature). His reply was: No, They are man made (or words to that effect). I stopped paying attention to him after that.

  3. Nuclear and high energy physicists seem to be unaware of the fact that phenomena in materials are not always as reproducible as are phenomena in their field. Transistors are a good example of variability in solid state devices.

  4. Please have a look at the blogsite :”How the Higgs gives Mass to the Universe” the blogs of Van den Bogaert Joannes. e.g. those relating to the meaning of electric charge and the gravity waves of the electron starting from the (assumed) fact that the product of mass and spin radius of a fermiparticle is invariant but that spherical trembling of the particle may occur resulting in longitudinal gravity waves. See the equation for the proton mass on pages 3 and 4 of Belgian patent BE1002781 disclosed in English on e-Cat Site.
    According to a recent proposal deuterated palladium, titanium or nickel pellets are injected into liquid lithium being at positive voltage of e.g. 70 kV. The passage of said pellets in the liquid lithium strips of the electrons and leaves the deuterons strongly repeling each other with penetration of the innersite deuterons giving fusion up triton and/or alpha particles.

  5. Could it be that the heating effect is simply the result of an oxido-reduction reaction, e.g. of potassium carbonate (an additive) with hydrogen in the presence of nickel ?

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