Michael Ruppert RIP (1951-2014)


Michael C. Ruppert, investigative journalist, peak oil activist, and star of the movie Collapse, has taken his life. It appears to be confirmed that a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head on Sunday evening, just a few hours after his radio show, was the cause.

Mike’s history ranges from former LAPD officer, CIA whistle blower, 9/11 activist, peak oil/collapse awareness advocate, and most recently a spiritual student and teacher, seeking to leave collapse behind him and build upon a Terence Mckenna like peace for dealing with what lies ahead.

While Mike never did embrace Cold Fusion as a savior for our planet, his ultimate revelation and message was that a change in human consciousness was vital to make any sort of transition to the next soon to come phase of civilization. Many of us here believe the same, yet also believe Cold Fusion could be that exact vehicle for the necessary shift to occur.

And while Mike never got on board with Cold Fusion, he ironically was in a strong way responsible for ColdFusionNow.org coming into existence. Prior to CFN, we collectively had seen Mike speak live at least 5 different times, and it was his pressing voice on issues regarding energy depletion and societal collapse which became a major part of the incentives for re-investigating and pursuing advocacy towards Cold Fusion technology.

Why he exited remains a mystery, though he had hinted at the idea in recent years. Nevertheless he had moved back to his beloved Northern California only a month ago, and as seen by this recent craiglist posting, he appears energized to move forward – Mike’s Craigslist posting

His recent radio show on Sunday, only hours before his suicide, gave hints at some troubles, but ended with assuring his audience that he’d be back next week. Here’s the show.

Mike’s popularity was growing strong, as VICE recently did a spectacular 6 part series on Ruppert’s time in Colorado. Here’s part 6. Excellent, worth bookmarking and watching.

Mike was known heavily for accurately predicting future events, be it geopolitical, financial, and of course all things Collapse related. If we are to continue to follow his accurate tracking, then the last piece to the map he left us are his very final words which he ended the show with on Sunday night:

“ART is doing some amazing things lately, and that may be the wedge into consciousness that may spring something loose if we start seeing all kinds of new art spring up. Let’s hope for that. It’s very effective”

Update: Abby Martin gives a heartfelt goodbye to Mike. Be forewarned, she is unable to hold it together, and the viewer will be unable to not feel her emotion pour through. Abby shows us how much Ruppert really mattered.

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  1. To say Mike Ruppert was a researcher was an understatement. He had the kind of drive only the elite have to complete a project like Crossing the Rubicon.

    At one point, he posed a set of queries that refine understanding of energy technology for “peak oilers” when he had From The Wilderness.

    We asked Jed Rothwell to answer them for cold fusion:

    Ruppert didn’t understand yet, posting on his Facebook page.

    “Read closely. There’s no magic bullet. Our civilization cannot function without transportation. And there isn’t the economic or raw material wherwithall to build 800 million new engines and retrofit them into land vehicles and ships. Aircraft would have to be completely redesigned because of fuel tanks that wouldn’t be needed. And that’s assuming cold fusion could replace jet thrust with steam. I doubt it. We’re too far into collapse economically for this to make a difference. I’m glad they went to the effort to answer my questions. But their answers themselves tell why this is nothing to get excited about.”

    Ruppert left Collapsenet with a faith, and we hoped he might have seen the cold fusion light:

    Major Peak Oil figure leaves Collapse-mind to help “birth new paradigm”; is cold fusion next?

    There’s a few people who I can say very consciously changed the direction my life took, and Mike Ruppert was one of them.

    Thank you, Mike.

  2. I was really shocked to hear that he had passed, and just now had the time to do a little more digging about, and as I am already a cold fusion follower finding this article here was a good source of information, but also finding he commited suicide is really painful to know. I had no idea that he had reviewed Cold Fusion and negated it as a solution to our current problems. I agree totally that there’s no magic bullet and the paradigm shift can only happen if we change as individuals. But I still have high hopes that the possibility that Cold Fusion brings to the table can be a trigger to individual change. I hope Mr. Ruppert found the peace he sought, what a sad end to the life of an admirable hero.

  3. Mike is a shining light. We need to address Materialism & seek to live locally & not “need” to live so high-maintenance. If we want technology to enable our same greedy lifestyles, we have learned nothing & i hope the technology will fail us. Be not living like consumer crackheads & adopting a small ecological footprint.. THAT act of green truth sets us far freer than nukes & sci-fi ever could.

    As Mike Ruppert would agree: Since the Infinite Growth Paradigm is the cancer/evil, why would we want a technology that encourages us to double-down on that paradigm? Why can’t we just learn to be humble/organic. Giving a free endless supply of crack to crackheads via cold fusion doesn’t encourage us to conserve, tread lightly, or learn any lessons from Peak Oil. That’s like a trust fund kid getting in mad trouble & being enabled by mommy & daddy with more money. Until we hit rock bottom, we don’t learn because we don’t have to.. if we run out we get fixed up with endless dope. When there’s no consequences we think we’re invincible.. & that greatly increases the chances of a perfect storm SHTF situation. Coddled for so long we lose our immunity to real life’s cuts & scrapes.

    Lol.. hope cold fusion never works.. we need to fully grasp cause & effect & evolve as a specie first; we are far too greedy/hierarchical to do anything but collapse.. We’d just have the same 1%/99% split. Free/endless energy means nothing if the same top dogs are gonna still price-gouge us! It’d just be the same plot with way taller buildings & us doing the same grabby thing across the universe lol.

    We need to run out of fuel. It just might stop/slow climate chaos. But we need to keep enough of industrial civilization going (for at least 60 years) to safely decommission the hundreds of nuke reactors.

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