LENR-powered Ecat car

Photo: Tesla Roadster Model S

We walk backwards into the future.
Marshall McLuhan

Greater than the digital revolution, a new energy technology will change the mental imprint of humanity beyond a global village, beyond a global theater, with the opportunity for a new humanism that recognizes the invisible, and walks a path through the impossible.

We are at the start of the New Energy Age and the creativity has not even begun.

The intersection of art and science, from Nicolas Chauvin CEO of LENR Cars http://ecatcar.org/ is but a transitory step.

Nicolas Chauvin, innovator, entrepreneur, EPFL engineer and licensed in business school, co-founder of two other start-ups before LENR Cars, worked for NASA, Nestlé and Logitech.

Highly involved in new technologies across many different fields of engineering and strongly addicted to cars for style, performance, sensations and technology.

Kick-boxing elite athlete, musician and portrait artist.

Eventually, we won’t have cars, that unique technology evolved from a service environment of fossil fuels; we’ll have something completely different.

But in the meantime, transition products will continue.

Unleash the powerful yearnings of a people hungry for change,

Cold Fusion Now!

Presentation slides by Nicolas Chauvin from the ILENRS 2012 conference. [.pdf]

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  1. I want the E-Cats etc to be for real just as much as anyone, But do Not forget not a living soul but MR. ROSSI has seen a singl 600 C / 1,300 F soli state E-Ecat much less 20 of them that have been operating for months
    As far as I know Mr. Rossi will not even say what Continent the 20 operating E-Cats are on? ?

    1. AnonymousMy best guess is that the first thirteen 1M E-Cats were sold to NATO or some other mrlatiiy organization. This we know from Rossi. The most recent one, and it is very recent, could thus not be 3M. This we also know from Rossi. So it doesn’t look like 3M bought one although they may be in discussions with him.I hope your BIG EXCLUSIVE is based on more than this .

  2. http://ch.linkedin.com/pub/nicolas-chauvin/0/579/a1

    Nicolas Chauvin
    CEO at LENR Cars (www.lenr-cars.com )
    Geneva Area, Switzerland

    LENR Cars

    March 2012 – Present (5 months) PSE-C, EPFL, Lausanne

    Principal Engineer

    Public Company; 5001-10,000 employees; LOGI; Consumer Electronics industry

    March 2007 – June 2010 (3 years 4 months)

    Principal Hardware and Software Engineer:
    • New Technology Development
    • Technology Project Management
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Firmware Development
    • Software Development

    Public Company; 5001-10,000 employees; LOGI; Consumer Electronics industry

    February 2005 – February 2007 (2 years 1 month)

    R&D Engineer:
    • Optical Design
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Firmware Development

    Public Company; 5001-10,000 employees; LOGI; Consumer Electronics industry

    2004 – February 2007 (3 years)

    Leading technical innovation for Logitech.
    Senior Consultant

    Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

    April 2002 – February 2007 (4 years 11 months)

    • Technical Account Manager
    • IT Service Management Consulting (ITIL)
    • Project Management Consulting (PMI)
    • Software Development Consulting
    at Nestec (Nestlé) for Innovativa

    April 2002 – December 2004 (2 years 9 months)

    Project management to put in place global System Management solutions for Nestlé worldwide.
    • Centralized implementation of Peregrine ServiceCenter.
    • ServiceCenter deployment in all major Nestlé markets (24/7, 40 markets, 8’000 users, 15 languages)

    Context / objectives:
    • Nestlé Globe Program (Business performance and operational efficiency improvement program at worldwide level)
    • Setting up the global Service Support solution at worldwide level

    • Project Manager
    • ServiceCenter SPOC (Central Point of Contact)

    Technological environments:
    • IBM pSeries, AIX 5.2, HACMP 4.5
    • Win2000 Server (OASIS – Nestlé Build)
    • Storage Area Network (SAN)
    • Peregrine ServiceCenter (Prod, PreProd, Training, RT)
    • Peregrine P4 database
    • Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC)
    • Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
    • Korn shell, VBScript, JavaScript
    Co-founder, Development Engineer
    2C3D medical

    January 1999 – March 2002 (3 years 3 months)

    • Co-founder of 2C3D SA limited company
    • Mechanical design manager
    • Development and carrying out of computer assisted planning and position measurement for total hip replacement surgery
    • Development and carrying out of computer assisted navigation system for minimal invasive surgery
    • Development and carrying out of high precision optical position and orientation measurement system
    • ISO9001& EN46000 certifications, CE conformity marking
    • World wide first premiere operation (MIS kidney transplant)
    • Finalist of the European IST Prize in 2002
    AmmA Interactive

    January 2001 – December 2001 (1 year)

    • Co-founder of AmmA Interactive SA limited company.
    • Manager of multimedia et marketing departments.
    • Development of several marketing oriented entertainment software (marketigames).
    • The company has been refocused on more general consutling projects.

  3. Back to serious…I was wondering when someone would choose a glamorous car to stick a not-yet-LENR-based motor and call him/herself a company.

    1. that is a startup.
      first have to attract partners for funding.

      This company is much less installed than Defkalion, which is already run like a mid-sized company…
      Their idea is nice, simple, not revolutionary.

      their phase 1 look like a concept car, and it is a good idea to take a Volt as base, since it is beautiful and expensive. I’m sure Xanthoulis will love to buy one when he will be a millionaire (maybe is he already). Rossi maybe too.

      phase 2 will probably change, since phase 1 is there to catch interest and discover problems.

      for me their approach is simply, rational. quite conservative even.

  4. In the iCar Gen 1 section:

    “The LENR thermal generator will be a Hyperion Series B model capable of producing 10 to 45 kW of thermal energy.”

    Hey Defkalion ! 😉

    1. Funny they’d feature the Cyclone engine in that slide show but put that it’s limited to 100 hp. Cyclone is currently testing a 300 hp unit with the US Army to be used in their tanks, and preliminary results are encouraging.

      I’d like to see a 300 hp in a Ford truck, or whatever make–it wouldn’t matter.

  5. Ruby:

    The Di Pietro Motor is powered by compressed air. If the compressed air were heated and expanded before being injected into the Di Pietro Motor then the range of a vehicle powered by compressed air might be extended by several hundred percent. Heating the compressed air might be accomplished by the use of a Rossi Energy Catalyzer.

    See examples of the Di Pietro Motor being used to power vehicles at http://www.engineair.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=19&Itemid=14

    1. Well… Why should you produce electicity when you can produce heat? LENR produces heat without a carbon footprint… Ecat etc.

      Well… Why should you produce heat when you can produce electricity… freed electrons w/LENR BlacklightPower NASA etc?

      1. when needed produce heat…

        when needed produce electricity…

        I will allways cook with gas!

  6. dobermanmacleod” the key trigger for fehurtr action being the publication of the work in a reputable peer-refereed journal “The same old chicken-egg catch 22 problem. God forbid that they pull their bureaucratic heads out of the academic and abstract, and just examined a working device. Perhaps they’ve never experienced being shouted down by angry “peers” when a “against the laws of physics” work was presented.

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