Jeane Manning on live demo of Defkalion’s Hyperion

Jeane Manning, author of Breakthrough Power, has published an article in Atlantic Rising on her visit to Defkalion Green Technologies new office in Vancouver, Canada where she viewed a live demonstration of their Hyperion thermal generator.

Beyond LENR (aka ‘cold fusion’) to Useful Energy [.pdf] is available for free on Manning’s Changing Power website and describes a generator capable of producing 5 kilowatts of thermal power, with “several times” energy output.

A planned 45 kilowatt generator will be comprised of nine units in parallel. A test generator in Greece is claimed to run continuously for six months producing power at 45 kilowatts. Preferring to call the reaction Heat Energy Nuclei Interactions (HENI), the thermal energy was generated on just 3 grams of nickel powder and 2 liters of hydrogen.

The company moved to Vancouver “after their government failed to help the start-up company.” Canada “offered a stable environment for research-and-development companies, with a support network and fiscal incentives.” Additional labs in Athens, Milan, Italy as well as Brazil will be developing applications with multiple business partners.

Initially a partner with Andrea Rossi, Defkalion and Rossi split after differences arose over contractual issues. Deciding to develop a generator on their own, the company began with the premise that only after achieving stability and control would they scale up to high heat output.

The article quotes Peter Gluck, a chemist and longtime low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) researcher. “Cold fusion came before its time. It is too complex, too new, too unexpected, too messy, too multifaceted, too dynamic, too non-linear and too weird to be really understood and controlled at the time of its discovery.”

Defkalion’s Chief Technical Officer John Hadjichristos responded “Science is one, and we have to keep it that way if we want to keep on talking with Mother Nature …We cannot see or listen and understand her stories if we stop talking to and hearing each other.”

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  1. Please have a look at “Belgian LANR Patents”, LANR by Coulomb Explosion” and “Cold Fusion Catalyst” on the former e-Cat Site. In the last article the importance of potassium in generating anionic hydrogen (H-)
    for cold fusion with nickel has been described. Potassium is a disclosed catalyst by DEFKALION.

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