It’s Still All About Energy

Japan marks the third anniversary of the Fukushima tsunami-quake disaster from Deutsche Welle.

“We have to engage in the preventative care” for the planet, says U.S. Senator Ed Markey, during an all-night filibuster towards a new energy policy. Markey has been contacted multiple times about the solution that cold fusion offers, but he has yet to take any action.

So on this sad day when the world careers from one disaster to another and solutions are ignored, and denied, Ralph Nader cuts through the image created by media programming to expose the mechanisms that operate to make that situation turn in favor of the powerful, instead of the wise.

Nader responds to the seemingly impending Keystone pipeline, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency, and Fukushima, a tragedy still unfolding. Amateur-lenr blogger and author Toshiro Sengaku has updated English readers with news about an effort to use nano-particles in radioactive waste clean-up.

“It’s not worth the risk! Just to boil water – just to produce steam! … Shut down the aging nuclear plants!” says Ralph Nader.

Unfortunately, he uses the word nuclear as a reference to all bad, all the time.

He says on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman how we need “fusion power … from the sun”.

He mentions Al Gore, who we know has openly offered cold fusion as a path to a green economy, but Mr. Nader said nothing about that.

Still, he inspired me to write about the opportunity we have to change our way living, change our bad habits – change everything, with any one of several breakthrough energy technologies, and the suffering that will only increase unless we do choose a different path for our species.

I haven’t been blogging lately, and there have been recent losses to the community of scientists with the passing of Emilio Del Giudice and Peter Graneau.

But Cold Fusion Now continues activities off-the-Internet. (Try it!) I will attend the 2014 LANR/CF Colloquium this March 21-23 to gather video for a feature film on the field. Along with Jeremy Rys, we will interview and document the historic 25-year anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion by Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, who endured the hostility from their peers reserved only for the most courageous and bold of humans, those who dare speak the truth, honestly, and though disruptive a truth it may be, do not shy away from challenge and mystery, but act without malice and without fear to follow that truth wherever it may lead.

Twenty-five years and going stronger than ever, the breakthrough energy community is growing, and getting closer to a technology that will revolutionize our world and offer a second chance for humanity. The colloquium will bring some of the world’s top researchers together to talk about the progress, and the problems that remain.

From the New Energy Movement Seattle chapter’s John Coelho, here is a list of just some of the groups who are working on this science:


· Vladimir Vysotskii, doctor of sciences,

· Olga Drimitriveya, Phd. research scientist at Cool Essence

· Arik L. Boher, physicist, University of Missouri Group Leader- Research

· David J. Nagel, physicist, Naval Research Lab, Professor George Washington University

· John Fisher, physicist

· Pamela Mosier-Boss, visiting scientist at MIT.

· Dr. Larry Forsley, physicist’ is president of JWK International Corporation and CTO of Global Energy Corporation (GEC). Previously, he was a group leader with the Laboratory for Laser Energetics engaged in inertial confinement fusion (ICF, or, laser fusion) at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. He was a consultant to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory mirror fusion program, TMX-U, in Livermore, California and a visiting scientist on the ASDEX Tokamak at the Max Planck Institut fur Plasmaphysik in Garching, Germany.

· Dr. Mitchell Swartz, physicist

· DR. Brian Josephson, Nobel Prize Theoretical physics, Cambridge

· •Dr. Julian Schwinger, Nobel Prize Physics, Berkeley, Purdue, deceased

· •Dennis Bushnell, NASA chief scientist, Langley Research Center, LRC

· •Dr. Joseph Zawodny, NASA senior research scientist Langley Research Center

· •Dr. Michael A Nelson, NASA LENR Space Applications Lead

· •David Wells, NASA LRC, Aeronautical engineer

· •Gustave C. Fralick, Arthur J. Decker, and James W. Blue, NASA Lewis Research

· •George Miley, University of Illinois, Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

· •Dr. Mike McKubre, SRI (Stanford Research Institute), Director Energy Research Center, University of Missouri

· •Dr. Francis Tanzella, SRI, PhD chemistry, senior electrochemist

· •Dr. Brian Ahern , Ames National Laboratory

· •Prof. Peter Hagelstein, Electrical Engineering, MIT

· •Dr. James Truchard, National Instruments founder, President and CEO

· •Edmund Storms, Los Alamos National Laboratory

· •Dr. Mace, Los Alamos National Laboratory

· •John Bockris, electrochemist Texas A&M University

· •Dr. Francesco Piantelli, University of Siena, Considered the father of modern LENR, filed original patents in 1995 for Ni/H based LENR

· •Dr. Sergio Focardi, emeritus professor University of Bologna

· •Dr. Giuseppe Levi , University of Bologna

· •Dr. David Bianchini, University of Bologna

· •Dr. Christos Stremmenos, University of Bologna, Dept of. Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, retired

· •Francesco Celani, National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Italy’s equivalent of Los Alamos

· •Dr. Frank Gordon, US Navy’s Space and Naval warfare systems (SPAWAR), retired

· •Eugene Mallove (late), Professor of science MIT

· •Dr. Mastromatteo, STMicroelectronics

· Hanno Nessen, Chairman of Swedish Royal Academy of Science , board member and previous chairman of Swedish Skeptics Society

· Cherokee Investment Partners/Industrial Heat ( )

· DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency



· Los Alamos National Laboratory

· SRI International

· University of Missouri

· The British Columbia Provincial Government and Canadian Federal Government working with:

· Defkalion a private LENR corporation

· Robert Duncan, physicist, vice president for research at Texas Tech (

· Ray Bradbury (late)_, science fiction writer with uncanny predictive powers in terms of scientific developments (

· The Space Naval Warfare Systems unit of the US Navy.

· Garrett Moddel, professor University of Colorado- Boulder

· John Dash, PhD professor emeritus of physics Portland State University

· The Mitsubishi Corporation

· The American Chemical Society

· Cool Essence LLC 2450 Central Avenue # F, Boulder, CO 80301

Compiled by John Coelho


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