It was a good weekend

…the Long Beach Coin Show, bookstores, a mini-McLuhan meeting AND Wall Street Money Never Sleeps.

I couldn’t wait to see that movie, reading as I did the cold fusion connection. Well, dontcha know, the state of scientific literacy is such that movie reviewers have no idea of the distinction between cold fusion and laser-ignition fusion cause that’s what’s peripherally in the movie.

That “little California company” spoken of in the earlier released clips, is a Big Facility that is researching the laser-ignition method. What a disappointment. Still, it’s not Oliver Stone’s fault reviewers don’t know what’s up in nuclear science, and he kicks it out again with a great movie so I give the production 2 deuterons up.

Even with the wrong kind of fusion (and I have nothing against laser-initiated fusion for huge, centralized, and highly complex engineering projects that produce fusion power will still be good for something), as the movie ended, your #1 Cold Fusion Advocate gave out Cold Fusion Now stickers to the bemused patrons as they left the theater! I think they thought I was part of the whole movie event! You see, I shall never miss an opportunity, even when it’s not actually an opportunity! Perhaps we’ll get a few hits on the website, who knows. But that’s not all….

At the coin show, yapping with my ancient coin friends (and breathless from the ounces and ounces of AU and AR just LAYIN AROUND) I bring up cold fusion and dontcha know they not only knew what it was, but asked “How far away are they from getting that going?” Of course, I didn’t have an answer to that one, I was just happy that they knew about it, and support it fully, in spirit anyway. It was a good conversation that put the most important energy research on the planet back in the short-term memory of a few guys who travel constantly. Sadly, in all the excitement of precious metal ogling, I had forgotten to bring my batch of CFN stickers, but I’ll be sending those guys some stickers for sure.

But that’s not all! At one of my regular bookstore stops in LA, Alias Books on Sawtelle, just south of Santa Monica Blvd., I was paying for my purchase of Baudrillard’s The Perfect Crime (do NOT read that if you are already depressed) and I overhead two fellas talking and one said “Well, I work in the news business and …yadda yadda yadda…” I don’t know what his affiliation was, there wasn’t much time, and I didn’t want to be too rude interrupting his conversation, but as I was leaving I asked him “Hey, maybe you could do a story on cold fusion, a form of energy production with nuclear-sized power that uses a fuel derived from seawater….The whole sector needs some press and recognition bad.” He didn’t know what cold fusion was and had never heard of it (he was a pretty young guy, so I wasn’t surprised), but he said “you’ve intrigued me and I’m going to look it up.” Though I get the feeling it was my use of the word “sector” that increased my legitimacy with him, he really seemed interested in learning about it. We’ll see…

What’s on tap? The whole CFN crew is gearing up for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party where Cold Fusion Now will have a table with info, stickers, a DVD player, and lots of CF/LENR/LANR/ info right smack in the middle of downtown Eureka! Will an angel walk by???

We’re also looking forward to the new documentary “The Believers”. Hopefully, it will be positive portrait that shows the dedication and sacrifice that many have made in search of solutions for our planet. A good new doc would be great to start having some movie viewing parties…..