Investing in LENR/Cold Fusion

With the LENR/Cold Fusion field advancing every day smart money is watching carefully.  There will be countless opportunities to benefit from this revolutionary technology.  Here are a few ways to invest:


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (TYO:7011) has been investigating LENR for a long time.  Their recent presentation at ICCF-18 showed concept LENR system which would generate heat by transmutatating elements, including nuclear wastes and co-producing heat.  Recently, they were granted an international patent for this work.  MHI’s involvement in the traditional nuclear industry and their involvement with industrial power equipment puts them in an excellent position to develop large scale reactors.  Their investigation of exotic turbines and nuclear based technology could be easily applied to LENR.  Even with their strategic position and intense LENR involvement they are a large company, the stock price may not be influenced in the short term, this would be a good long term investment.

Toyota (NYSE:TM) has had its eye on LENR from day 1.  Technova, a Toyota affiliated lab, actually hired Fleischmann and Pons and essentially gave them a new life in France away from the media circuis in the US.  They were hired for a secret research program in LENR, continuing their work in private.  While they may have not created a commercially relevant reactor system, they did spark the interest of Toyota, whos work in LENR continues to this day.  Recently Toyota replicated a key experiment of Mitsubishi, showing the massive opportunities in LENR energy as well as LENR transmutation.  Toyota is a huge company and would be best for a long term invesment.

STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) is worth mentioning because they are a publically traded company interested in LENR.  One of their scientists has been collaborating with Celani, attempting replications.  They have a patent application for a LENR device, more specifically a control system for a LENR device.  It does not seem likely that STM actually has any LENR devices other than a celanie replication.  The patent seems to be very forward looking and specific and it is yet to be determined if it will hold any value if it is granted.  STMicroelectronics is a huge company with a questionable foothold in LENR, this may be a stable long term investment.

National Instruments (NASDAQ:NATI) has a serious interest in LENR from the highest levels.  The president Dr. Truchard, gave the keynote speach at ICCF-18, voicing his support for the researchers in this field.  NI has been known to sponsor LENR research groups by donating high dollar data aquistion systems and other equipment.  It is rumored that NI has been collaborating with Andrea Rossi and has helped design the control and monitoring systems for the systems based on arrays of smaller units.  NI week 2012 had a large LENR presence with very open endorsement of the technology, many LENR researchers and advocates were present. NI week 2013 was focused on smart grid technology and had less of a LENR presence, although Dennis Cravens provided a very intuitive public demonstration of LENR excess heat.  Regardless, NI is a large company and initial media frenzy of LENR should not drive up the price excessivly.  This is a very safe medium to long term investment.

Cyclone Power Technologies (CYPW:OTC) is a small company which researches and produces engines operating from thermal energy.  CYPW is a penny stock listed on OTC:Pink stock exchange, the wild west of the stock world.  The stock price is currently at an all time low due to delays in the R+D process.  Regardless, they are looking toward LENR technologies, even adding Dr. Kim from Purdue to their consulting board.  Dr. Kim is heavily affiliated with Defkalion and even with his academic background he is very entrepreneurial, there is no doubt he will do all he can to combine Dekflaion LENR technology and CYPW’s engines.  Due to the low volume and price, as well as the highly speculative nature of penny stocks, CYPW is expected to explode during widespread LENR media attention.  This is an ideal short term investment.

Nickel and Palladium come to mind when thinking of long term cold fusion investments.  Unfortunately, Nickel is the fifth most abundant material in the earth, a change in the demand of nickel would not affect the price drastically.
Compared with Nickel, Palladium has a much higher hydrogen reactivity and much lower Debye temperature, allowing for palladium based LENR systems to be triggered at lower temperatures.  Even if commercial LENR systems use Nickel/Hydrogen, Palladium will always have a use in the LENR world.
Palladium is currently worth 725$ an ounce, compared to its all time high of 1100$ in 2000, its nowhere near overpriced.  Keep in mind the price of Palladium is currently heavily tied to the projections of worldwide car production.
Palladium Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) i.e. palladium stocks are a convenient way to get in the game, but whats the point of investing in a precious metal if you can’t gawk at it?
Buying physical palladium online and having it mailed prevents you from having to pay state sales tax on your investment. is a prefered vendor and sells a variety of palladium coins and bullion.  Palladium would be a good short and medium term investment.

LENR Startup companies may provide the largest return on investment, of course with high risk.  LENR will not be dominated by one company, there will be so many niche uses of LENR and various embodiments that thousands of companies could be successful without saturating the market.  Think Dotcom boom on steroids.  Traditionally, startup companies only want to attract “professional investors” or investors putting in more than about 30k$.  A recent article pointed out that LENR is the perfect use of crowd-funding and with recent legislation it has become much easier for startup companies to receive small investment from private individuals.  If you are reading this now, you are in the perfect position to get in early with the next Elon Musk of LENR.  While most currently active LENR companies are seeking investment, very few would accept non professional investors.  LENRinvest was recently set up and would be worth contacting if you had some cash on hand.  My advice is to keep your eyes peeled for brand new LENR companies, perform due diligence and approach them directly.  Keep in mind that the US patent office likes to block cold fusion patents, so be cautious about the value of any pending intellectual property, it may become a money drain due to office actions, appeals and litigation down the line.

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