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  1. Ms Harvey’s grandfather Dr. martin Fleischmann suffered from Parkinson’s Disease a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects body movement. Dr. Fleischmann died August 3, 2012 at the age of 85.

    On a more upbeat note: An astonishing new paper by Hidetsugu Ikegami, “Chemonuclear Fusion of Hydrogen Clusters in Li permeated Metal-Hydrogen Systems” based on collaborations with R. Pettersson in Uppsala and T. Watanabe in Sakura/Tokyo, published by University of Uppsalla, SE Svedberg Lab.

    “Chemonuclear fusion releases a power over one million times as dense as the solar interior power density in the metal hydrogen systems, e.g a 1-mol NiH system is capable of some kW output.”


    As we have always believed LENR/cold fusion is no longer a dream – it is a matter of fact.

      1. WOW Supernova on Earth

        “Chemonuclear fusion was found to be pycnonuclear reactions in the metallic Li-liquids.
        Enormous enhancement mechanism in both reactions is common to ionic reactions in
        metallic liquids. The enhancement is common bulk / collective features of spontaneous
        reactions caused by the thermodynamic activity of the liquids. Though the present theory is rather simple, predicted enhancements seem to be reliable because they are evaluated empirically based on the thermodynamic data.

        The chemonuclear fusion opens ways towards the wasteless energy resources and has
        the signi ficance ‘Supernova on Earth’.”

  2. Neat and sweet technology, initially developed in partnership with NASA. 3-d printing clubs are on the rise, simple units are fairly cheap. 3-d printing applications in medical include the successful printing of spinal discs from living cartilage. A popular joke goes like this… Upon discovering the lamp with the genie, the genie said “Nope, you can’t wish for more wishes.” The discoverer, with deep insight, responded, “My first wish is for ten more lamps exactly like this.” NASA has developed a series of 3-d printers that, among other uses, prints most all of the parts needed to construct the series of 3-d printers. Thank you Deep Space Industries – Thank You NASA – Thank You Planetary Resources – GBGoble2013

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      1. “An Overview of Advanced Concepts for Launch”
        Report made available on 09-02-2012

        Air Force Research Laboratory (AFMC)
        10 E. Saturn Blvd.
        Edwards AFB CA 93524-7680

        For presentation at the USC Rusch Undergraduate Honors Colloquium, Los Angeles, CA, 24 Feb 2012.

        This report (pg 33) places LENR in the ‘device tested’ category.

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