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It is the first thermal energy generator to be powered by the reaction between hydrogen and the metal nickel based on two-decades of research that began when Drs. Fleischmann and Pons announced cold fusion in 1989.

Essentially a hot-water boiler, the generator creates steam heat. Currently, coal-fired power plants create steam heat to make electricity for the power grid.

Energy Catalyzer 1 Megawatt
Photo: Daniele Passerini 1 MW Energy Catalyzer Steam Generator
The E-Cat steam heater is mobile, and does not need to be connected to a grid. The first sale was reported to be for use as a mobile heater for ‘remote camps’.

The units sell for $2000 per kilowatt housed inside a standard steel shipping container that will ship anywhere in the world. Sterling Allan of PESN who attended the recent deal-closing demonstration reports that all products are currently designed for industrial and agency use, and “smaller units for domestic use by individuals, [will be] ready in about a year’s time” citing pending certifications as the delay.

Potential buyers have a complete demonstration available to them before purchase including the opportunity to fully test the E-Cat generator to their satisfaction.

The high-energy return for hydrogen fuel that reacts inside a tiny piece of metal is akin to the energy generated by fusion. Fusion is where the central portions of atoms combine together releasing enormous amounts of energy many times greater than the chemical burning of oil, gas, or coal.

Conventional theories of fusion claim the process can only occur in the Sun, under intense pressure and heat. Hot fusionists have attempted to re-create those extreme conditions in the laboratory for half-a-century without success in generating over-unity power for more than a a second or two. Cold fusion occurs by as-yet unknown processes that are described by modern physics concepts of phonon resonance and quantum transitions inside a nuclear active environment.

Interactions between the hydrogen and the atoms of the solid metal occur that create heat, and even transmutation products, at room temperature. Updating the current theories to incorporate this phenomenon challenges mainstream scientists adamantly against investigating this very post-modern phenomenon.

Andrea Rossi
Andrea Rossi invents first commercial cold fusion energy generator.
Engineer and inventor of the Energy Catalyzer is Andrea A. Rossi. Having researched for two decades, many laboratories around the globe have regularly observed between 2, 6, and 25 times the energy return in these types of system. Mr. Rossi has managed to gain more than 200 times the energy return, and do it on-demand, a natural requisite for a commercial product.

He has also demonstrated his units in self-sustain mode, whereby there is no input power, and the energy return is exponentially increased.

The nickel-hydrogen exothermic reaction does not use radioactive material, and does not generate radiation like today’s nuclear power plants. There is no chain-reaction and no runaway scenario. If the generator gets too hot, the nickel powder melts, stopping the reaction.

This technology promises to disrupt the fossil fuel economy by generating cheap power from abundant fuel that is ultra-clean, mobile, and independent of the grid. The transformation will not be easy. Dr. Edmund Storms chatted with Cold Fusion Now about “Transitionhere.

Graphic artist Ashley Swanson from Miami, Florida illustrated the dense energy return for tiny amounts of fuel with this picture you can put on your website.

Nickel vs Oil
Put this graphic on your site.

O my peoples!

This is a fresh era for the new-energy movement. The courageous efforts of independent new-energy scientists who have labored for twenty-two years without funding, without recognition, and without respect, will be realized in the delivery of a revolutionary technology that they alone deserve commendation for.

If you are a business with heating or steam needs, contact the Leonardo Corporation about their E-Cat product line and get cold fusion technology delivered to your door today!

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  1. Does this mean one can order a 2or 3 kilowatt e-cat now? I thought only 1megawatt devises would be sold for the 1st year.

  2. Ruby, we must be close to that final bit if evidence that removes the dam and lets the torrent of of a new World shine through.

  3. As expected, a stampede of entrepreneurs seeking fame, fortune or just free energy forever is about to overwhelm conventionalism. Here is another competitor for the electric companies about to be nurtured into a colossus for home use.
    See the Hideki comment. The dam of both methodology and applications has burst. A new Physics based on fundamental concepts of space, protons, neutrons and field forces is blossoming as I comment. I think I will join them. My goal is to market a home 5 kw power plant for under $5000 within one year.

  4. Theory is crystallizing. Nickel lattice in nano size aligned. RFG not only reduces degrees of freedom of Fe and Ni to reversing on single axis but most important oscillates the e + p + e hydride ion along the same axis to minimize Helical Trajectory of electrons as a study of the Guglinski Quantum Ring Theory suggests. See the practical applications to LENR as commented by Chan here:
    Hydride ion injected into Ni lattice and when saturated, a cascade results in fusion followed by well discussed stabilization through radioactive decay.

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