European Arts Community in Action for New Energy

Art by Aldo Tambellini 1961

Europe has been a leader in the arts for centuries, creating 3D perspective and ushering in the Renaissance that gave us modern science.

Europe is also a fertile region for cold fusion science, with almost every country represented by some agency-funded or independent research lab. And now, in 2012, European youth culture and the broader arts community are ramping up creative efforts to spread the meme of cold fusion and new energy science.

Writer/Blogger Daniele Passerini provided Italian scientists with a worldwide platform.
The tremendous successes of Italian scientists Andrea A. Rossi, Francesco Celani, and the historic, continuing work of Sergio Focardi, Francesco Piantelli, Vittorio Violante and their numerous talented laboratory partners, have altogether demonstrated publicly both the anomalous heat effect and reproducibility on-demand from cold fusion cells. Thanks to Mats Lewan reporting for NYTeknik and writer/blogger Daniele Passerini of 22Passi, northern Italy has become the center of the universe for E-cat and LENR watchers around the world.

But not long after the U.S. excoriated the pair, virtually kicking them out of the country for announcing a discovery that few could reproduce, the godfathers of cold fusion Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons operated a laboratory in the south of France, funded by Japanese corporation Toyota.

Today, Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian, who serves as Editor of the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, the peer-reviewed periodical serving the cold fusion community, researches cold fusion at the University near Marseille, France [visit].

Dr. Biberian recently presented a review of research in a paper Cold Fusion [.pdf] at the 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-17) held recently in Daejon South Korea, and collaborated with Dr. Melvin Miles and Dr. Iraj Parchamazad on a paper titled The Possible Role of Oxides in the Fleischmann-Pons Effect [.pdf].

Jean-Paul Biberian from Fusion Froide
Now, there is a new documentary about Biberian’s research by filmmaker Jean-Yves Bilien entitled Fusion Froide Transmutations Biologiques et Autres Reflexions Sur La Science. The film is in French and for purchase, but you can watch the trailer for free. (For a Google translated site to English, go here.)

Views of Biberian in his scientific element with close-up shots of his cold fusion experimental cells, as well as the gorgeous natural landscape occupied by explorers for millennia are worth watching, even if you don’t speak French – and you just might be able to catch a few of the scientific phrases more recognizable to students of new energy.

Bilien is a filmmaker with a number of documentaries to his credit, specializing in breakthrough science. Filming Dr. Biberian appears to be his first production featuring cold fusion, and it is very professionally done; makes me wanna do better myself!

An earlier documentary on Biberian’s work by Master-Pro-documentaire bears a similar style to Jean-Yves Bilien, with slow-panning camera work and close-ups of cold fusion cells, yet also includes early French TV news broadcasts of the 1989 discovery. Watch the 30-minute L’ aventure de la Fusion Froide in French here.

Biberian has also collaborated with the broader arts community. This photo shows him working with members of the troupe who performed Fusion Froide from an arts festival several years ago.

But the arts aren’t just for scientists.

“We are the primitives of a new era.”
Aldo Tambellini The Cell Grew 1961

The upcoming Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Hilversum, Holland November 9, 10, 11 has attracted a number of speakers from the leading edge of alternative science, technology, and social sciences including Cold Fusion Radio’s James Martinez.

The GlobalBEM YouTube Channel houses submitted video statements from a few of the scheduled speakers describing the landscape of new energy research, making their vision a world unto itself.

The conference is being organized by a collective of creatives: artists, musicians, technologists, all engaged in what Wyndham Lewis, the original Vorticist of Great Britain, recognized as the truly modern art – beyond the conventional manipulation of color and sound: the manipulation of whole environments.

Follow the art, and feel the future. The “Distant Early Warning” has been sounded.

Just listen to GlobalBEM conference speaker Fernando Vosso:

And check out the citizens voice on

Cold Fusion Now!

5 Replies to “European Arts Community in Action for New Energy”

  1. I was surprised to learn that “Europe is also a fertile region for cold fusion science, with almost every country represented by some agency-funded or independent research lab.” Frankly, I would love to do a public opinion survey to see if this translates into wide-spread public awareness about LENR. The most common response I get when telling people about LENR is “wasn’t that proven false” (referring to the Fleishman and Pons flash in the pan).

    BTW, art is a great way to help people visualize out of the box concepts, and inject aspiration. Sort of like “visualize world peace” (although look at how well that turned out). Since the main barrier to wide-spread adoption of LENR is psychological rather than technological, art is a great medium for change.

  2. This is a wonderful vision! Indeed, the Italians may have succeeded in keeping cold fusion alive and now thriving because of the aesthetic it represents. Compare the image of Rossi’s latest hot cat, a black cylinder, with images of hot fusion’s confluence of billion watt lasers, super-conducting magnets, stadium sized machines… e-cat is deconstructing man’s ego. It is geometry, shape and form so simple as to utterly destroy the hubris of expert “science.” Just as Picasso’s Cubism deconstructed the conventions of perspectival space – the e-cat and cold fusion devices of Celani, Mills, Miley, Piantelli, etc…. are supremely simple – deconstructing the giant machinery of man’s most “sophisticated” beliefs.

    It is exciting to think this new Renaissance in energy will inspire thousands of new artists – not just to doubt and question the status quo, but to open their hearts to innate talents that might otherwise be crushed. Bravo Ruby, for another insightful article on the far-reaching effects of the cold fusion revolution.

  3. Art assists our evolutionary process, it may indeed be a precursor. “It’s the end of the ‘world as we know it’ … and I feel fine!” Well put by a musical artist of our time. The end of the ‘world as we know it’ may be sweet… when the increasingly relentless struggle for energy ceases. Nearly free energy is a “game changer” – NASA That is the art of it – cold fusion science… “less hot than the sun.”

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