Enough revisions to go around…

A recent article Mercury serves up a nuclear surprise by Eugenie Samuel Reich and published by Nature, describes how the “discovery of a new type of fission turns a tenet of nuclear theory on its head.”

From the article:

Nuclear theorist Witold Nazarewicz of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville says that the study demonstrates the extent to which, more than 70 years after the discovery of nuclear fission, we are still learning about the process. “This is very important information for any model of the nucleus,” he says.

Nazarewicz says that although engineers’ practical knowledge of fission has progressed far enough for us to build nuclear bombs and reactors, “I don’t think we have a firm understanding of fission rooted in the interactions of the proton and neutron building blocks.”

At least there’s one thing nuclear scientists can agree on! Cold fusion scientists know a little something about revisions of the nuclear model.

When it comes to cold fusion, claims that “they are measuring the input power wrong” are just not going to cut it anymore.

A new model of nuclear particle interactions is required to encompass both hot fusion and low-energy nuclear reactions, and will be based on the many-bodied physics that takes place on the nanoscale dimension.

Perhaps now there might be some sympathy in the nuclear fission community?