“Crowdvoting” not enough for LENUCO

Graphic: Temperature (oC) vs. Time from Nuclear Battery Using D-Clusters in Nano-materials … by Miley, Yang, and Hora.

New energy advocates rallied behind George Miley‘s LENUCO at the Future Energy site, but it wasn’t enough to put the LENR-Gen module project over the top to win the chance to speak before venture capital firms at a Boston, Massachusetts event.

In the lead for most of the ten-day “crowdvoting” contest, LENUCO slipped to third by the last day, while SmartPwrGrid and Printable Photovoltaics took first and second place with a surge of votes.

The projects page is gone now, but at my last check all vote counts were under 1000, though SmartPwrGrid was approaching that mark fast.

During the last day, a reader found evidence of vote-buying from at least one of the contestants which, according to the organizers, disqualifies them. The two winners are not implicated in that vote-buying scheme.


That the LENR community couldn’t muster 1000 votes shows the need for further outreach.

Whatever the feeling, the fact that a revolutionary solution to our energy, environmental, and economic problems is forced to submit to “crowdvoting” to be heard reveals the absurdity of our societal priorities at the close of the Chemical Age.

A Game-Changing Power Source Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs) .pdf presented at last year’s NETS conference shows the beginnings of this current LENR-Gen module.

University students work on similar LENR experiments under Dr. Miley's instruction.
University students work on similar LENR experiments under Dr. Miley’s instruction.
Researching both excess heat and transmutations has been the focus of Miley’s works for decades, and has involved students throughout.

Helping a new generation of scientists is well-worth the funding this technology deserves, and we will continue to support the efforts of labs who struggle to bring a clean energy future forward.

4 Replies to ““Crowdvoting” not enough for LENUCO”

  1. Hi Ruby,
    Some of us have been sending complaints to Future Energy. The votes totaled:

    1) Photovoltaics: 834
    2) SmartPwrNet: 728
    3) Miley 693

    But the number of likes totaled:

    1) Photovoltaics: 1199
    2) Miley 462
    3) SmartPwrNet: 25

    Smartpwr also only had two comments both of which were asking for an investigation because of a rapid number of votes in a minutes time. Future Energy replied they are going to investigate Smartpwr’s votes. So don’t give up yet.

    1. Hey B, thanks for the update. I appreciate you being on top of this. I’m pretty disgusted. “Crowdvoting” for the greatest discovery since fire? Where is Artaud?

      The people in this Future Energy forum saw Miley’s project. If he didn’t get the votes, they still have the opportunity to discuss his research. If they ignore it, bargaining for votes forces a meeting, but still doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome.

      They have seen the project. If they don’t act to provide resources, then they are willfully ignoring this sector at the expense of incremental change.

      Still, your dogging them to keep “honest” is worth it and I appreciate you calling them out.

  2. Well, it’s official. George Miley will not be presenting at MIT. SmartPwr beat him out. Would have been great for him to show there.

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