“Once again, our Grandmother the Earth has offered us, her children, the elements we need to survive. Will we listen?”
Russell Means

I’m very proud to announce that this is my first public statement on The time has come after many years to rise from behind the scenes and begin to take a more public platform in regards to the media ecological ramifications of Cold Fusion and it’s liberation for the human race.

As many people know already, I’ve been speaking on the radio about Cold Fusion for years and knew of it’s potential and existence far before most of the world. The human race is at a special point. We now have the choice to change the world for the better by preparing individually to bring forth man’s greatest invention since fire. However, it should be known that this breakthrough is for everyone. Not just the so called elite. And I’m going to make sure it stays that way…

I’m very proud to announce to the public for the first time officially that the world now has the public support by Russell Means One of humanity’s greatest Leaders and who the Los Angeles Times called “the most famous American Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.” He’s been a supporter of Cold Fusion for a long time and I thank him for taking a stand. The world appreciates you.

On November 9th 10th and 11th I’ll be attending The International Conference on the Breakthrough Energy Movement where I’ll be releasing for the first time to the world the truth behind the Cold Fusion movement. As many of you know, I initiated the meme for many reasons. All of this will be revealed and much more. The world will learn of the latest developments as well as a world exclusive.

Furthermore, I’d like to announce the premiere of directed by Clayton Brown. This Cold Fusion documentary will be premiering at the Chicago Film Festival October 16th as well as the upcoming conference.  I thank you all for your continued support.

James Martinez -Director of Media


  1. James, great to hear from you. Welcome!

    This is wonderful news on Russell Means. We have indeed been offered the elements to survive, yet so few listen; twisted are their minds.

    I will be sending some t-shirts and stickers to the movie premier so you will be fully loaded with goodies. And Eli will be filming.

    You guys will have a great time!

  2. Excellent James.
    We are all in this predicament together. No-one exists without breathing the gift of Air.
    We are parts of one organism that we call Gaia.
    I could no more live independently than can my blood live outside my body.
    It is time for us to grow up and take our place at the head of family. It is for this that we were made.
    Make it so.

  3. How interesting that the Native Americans said long long ago, that we and the Earth are Sacred Parts of the Same Thing. How interesting that what was once dismissed as “native hallucination” has now taken Center Stage as the People of the Earth come to realize the interconnectedness of all things. There is an old saying, “Thou canst not trouble a blade of grass without troubling a star”.
    It’s been said right here, but in other words, the Water of the World is the Life’s Blood of the Earth Mother. You don’t poison part of YOUR blood and expect the rest to remain pure. We find we are in a small room, after all. Buckminster Fuller described it all as “Spaceship Earth”. Ruin the air on the Spaceship and no one breathes. I’m seriously hoping that the Human Race, although rapidly Awakening, will do so fast enough to save us all. Let us hope, let us work for the betterment of all things. Paradise is a matter of THINKING. It’s all here, ready to Create, it’s just a matter of Attitude.
    Let’s get on board, let’s develop love, compassion and respect for ourselves, our brothers and sisters across the globe, and the Earth Mother whom we should be protecting, not poisoning. May the force that drew the Universe bring us Awareness. God bless.

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