Cold fusion economy supported by Greek government

“…SPIEGEL ONLINE has obtained information from German government sources knowledgeable of the situation in Athens indicating that Papandreou’s government is considering abandoning the euro and reintroducing its own currency.” [4]
Christian Reiermann Athens Mulls Plans for New Currency, Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone Der Spiegel Online

By indirections find directions out.
— Shakespeare

There is a category of inventions called disruptive technology. Funding streams allotted to this sector award designers who innovate based on radical departures from incremental change. A cursory search of disruptive technology will yield many examples, most of which are IT-oriented, such as breakthroughs in social networking, cloud computing, and cyber security.

You will find little to no mention of the most disruptive technology of all, cold fusion, even as the first commercial device is poised to be installed later this year. Defkalion Green Technologies based in Athens, Greece holds the world rights, excepting the Americas, for Andrea A. Rossi‘s Energy Catalyzer, or ECat, a new energy reactor based on cold fusion technology, which Mr. Rossi prefers to be called low-energy nuclear reactions. A factory located in Xanthi, Greece plans to use an array of smaller models of the publicly demonstrated 12 Kw ECat, linked together, to generate 1MW power for the purpose of manufacturing more ECats.

Steven B. Krivit of New Energy Times published on his blog the possible board of directors for Defkalion as:

– Sortikos George, businessman, born 1942, President
– George Xanthoulis, student, son of Alexandros Xanthoulis, born 1987, Vice President
– Aurel Christian David, Managing Director, born 1969
– Christos Stremmenos, University Professor, born 1932
– PRAXEN L.T.D., Company based in Cyprous, will be represented by Alexandros Xanthoulis, born 1954
– John Chadjichristos, business consultant, member of the board, born 1958
– Andreas Meidanis, industrialist, member of the board, born 1953
– Muafak Sauachni, medical doctor, (Israeli), member, born 1961
– Andreas Drugas, business consultant, born 1945

Member Christos Stremmenos is a University of Bologna professor who was interviewed recently on Radio Città del Capo in Bologna, Italy about the ECat technology. Portions of the interview have been translated from Italian by Alex Passi in a piece on the website entitled Stremmenos: “cold fusion will solve many problems of humanity”. [1]

In the interview, Professor Stremmenos mentions “his mediation with the Greek government to make an industrial plant possible. For this purpose, Defkalion Green Technology was formed, a business venture of which he is vice-chairman — on “honorary terms”, he says.

When asked about the role of the Greek government in the formation of Defkalion and the initiation of the factory in Greece, Professor Stremmenos replied with some background:

“When I retired, I wanted to set up my own lab and quietly continue my research. But I did inform George Papandreou, the current Prime Minister, who at the time was President of PASOK. In the Convention which elected him, there were these commissions working on various aspects of the Greek economy. These were supposed to lay down the most favoured Party’s platform for government. So I told him, “George, look” — I explained — “I’m still working on this”. So at the Convention he says: “You know, I believe in this thing too, but who knows when it will come about” “I don’t know”, I said, “ truth and fate we haven’t got, but we must support and pursue this line.”

When the recent breakthrough in energy production came with Mr. Rossi’s catalyst, Professor Stremmenos says he wrote to Mr. Rossi “I’d like to follow this thing up in Greece too, because right now there are serious economic problems in my country”. Later, he states,

“In short, considering the climate, the mindset of the present government in Greece …let me tell you, even the opposition has now asked to be informed on this issue, too. Therefore in Greece this matter is treated without prejudice, no one is uncommitted. Here, Rossi is right, there is not much one can do about it…”

Whatever the veracity of the report by Der Speigel Online that Greece would like to “exit’ from the Euro Zone, if a factory in Greece has the rights to manufacture the biggest breakthrough energy technology since the burning of wood, and the government has confidence that it’s ready to be commercialized, these events would influence any decision to leave the Euro behind, and speculate on perhaps creating their own currency backed by profits of ECat manufacturing and licensing, estimated in the hundreds of trillions of dollars? [5]

Separated from the European Central Bank, the people of Greece could be able to keep this wealth derived from energy, close to its shores. Where over two-thousand years ago, the roots of modern science, math, and democracy first emerged, we may now see a next-generation energy technology that will extend globally, for the first time in history, the opportunity for all humans to be equally self-sufficient.

The reality is that once the technology is spread, the opportunity for a change in living arrangements will be immediate, and a boon to the entire planet. New and better devices will be developed with applications we cannot think of today; an entirely new service environment with new roles for humans to play.

In a Wall Street Journal update after the secret meeting held last night in Luxembourg, Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou has refuted the notion that Greece will leave the Euro Zone, and there are other points to factor in. But as Greece roils from a year of financial crises that continues to bring its people into the streets protesting, the European Union won’t let Greece go easily, as revealed in the dire predictions for its economy should Greece ever depart.

One clothed, and two naked, Energy Catalyzers.
It may look like an old bathroom pipe, but this invention defines disruptive technology. Photo: Mats Lewan NY Teknik

As this technology emerges into the public awareness, “there will be a stampede” for cheap, clean, energy generated by the hydrogen in water. Our current global industries of oil, gas, and coal will be obsolesced by a small, portable, self-contained energy reactor that can supply all personal energy needs for about a quarter to a third of current prices, and eventually, even cheaper.

The dollar, once “as good as gold”, became a petro-dollar linked with the currency of oil and as cold fusion technology permeates society, the dollar will not retain its status as the world’s reserve currency. Corporations, and all levels of government that exist for these non-entities, will see profits landslide. Cold fusion, and all new energy technologies, challenge the power that existing networks of money and hydrocarbons have, and after reigning for a hundred years, it won’t go down easy.

The public must be prepared to defend this ultra-clean energy technology. Be prepared for the assault by the diehards on this the most disruptive of technologies.

Challenge energy policies that do not include cold fusion relentlessly.

Support young, independent new-energy companies designing next-generation technologies.

Defend your right to clean energy.

And begin transitioning to the next phase in human existence.

Cold Fusion Now!

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14 Replies to “Cold fusion economy supported by Greek government”

  1. Having government on your side helps defuse opposition from those vested interests that would stifle or perhaps even reject the advantages LENR offers the citizens of Greece. It takes a concerted effort to force energy policy in a new direction, even if there’s every reason to do so. I hope their example will be followed by every nation on earth; otherwise, civilization will decline as energy from traditional sources becomes more and more expensive.

  2. There are many in the USA who strongly support Rossi’s et al. E-Cat research and development. I am so glad to see a world government stepping up with their support – thank you Greece and those individuals which are making this happen.

    We at: Citizens for Clean Energy Inc ( fully support these extradorinary efforts for clean energy development. Congratulations and please keep moving forward with this world changing technology – this ole world will reward you all mightily for your efforts!

  3. This could be the greatest energy event in Human history thus far.
    We must not allow this to be squashed. It will do so much for the under developed countries.
    The employment opportunities that this will create are vast.

    ‘BRING IT ON’.

    Regards to all. J,McManus

  4. If the Der Spiegel Online report is correct then this technology really is in the process of becoming a daily reality, but I remain anxious about the apparent lack of reaction so far (other than keeping any reports on the E-Cat completely out of all mainstream media) by those who have so far managed to suppress all novel energy systems for decades.

    Under normal circumstances anyone who developed and publicized an invention such as Rossi’s nickel-hydrogen LENR device would have their reputations trashed like Pons and Fleichman, be bought off, prosecuted, warned off or worse. The involvement of a government that is apparently outside the sphere of influence of the ‘globalist’ mobsters is highly encouraging, but I for one will not rest easy until many governments publicly support the technology and the devices are becoming available for purchase by ordinary citizens.

    I have to say that I am not holding my breath in the cases of my own country (UK), or France, the US, Canada or Australia, all of whom seem to fully support NWO agendas in virtually all areas. These countries will be the last to adopt any novel energy technology that threatens the existing nuclear and oil energy multinationals and will probably seek to deny their citizens access on one pretext or another, even while the rest of the word is adopting it.

  5. Unlike petroleum this Rossi Reaction is not linked to landholdings
    but is a manufactured product. You’ve got to understand that these
    are the Model “T” days of a LENR production device so the
    full device will need to undergo scientific reasearch and
    competitive evolution. So somehow linking it to the Greek
    Economic System seems to me to be an act of sheer fantasy.
    Part of the problem with Oil is that linked to “unrealiable”
    international sources, I expect that this won’t happen again.


  6. I support this new technology (living in a 3rd world country), but oil will remain for years the main source of energy and source of many manufactured products that we need everyday, the dollar will still be needy in anyway. E-cat is a revolution but cannot be brought to mankind in one night, it will take 10 to 20 years to move the whole world to this new energy, time for the world to adjust with what is necessary to be.

  7. This morning, 12 May 2011, I put a very small blog on the guardian saying “many people would not have work when the Rossi E-CAT is developed after Oct/ Nov this year” and that “it had been granted an Italian Patent and been verified by university’s.”

    The blog has been removed by a moderator as ” not conforming to policy”.

    What is going on, this is serious.


  8. The Golden Age was enabled by deme sovereignty. The Greek government could initiate a world-wide Golden Age if it solved its internal problems by promoting “Open Sourcing the Blueprints of Civilization”. Indeed, the origin of the myths of the Greek pantheon may well have been even more highly devolved sovereignty — to the level of individuals:

    “[Men] lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil and grief: miserable age rested not on them; but with legs and arms never failing they made merry with feasting beyond the reach of all devils. When they died, it was as though they were overcome with sleep, and they had all good things; for the fruitful earth unforced bare them fruit abundantly and without stint. They dwelt in ease and peace.”

    From “Works and Day” by Hesiod

  9. The E-Cat is missing a very important thing – a logo!

    It’s gotta be a fat cat with nickel whiskers and copper claws 🙂

  10. If you want Greece to be paid of, for it’s Enormous Army, Universal Free Health Care, Lucrative Pensions, and Taxes that they never Pay, then you pay by yourself, PAY OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET.

  11. The First thing Rossi has to realize is that he will never be granted a patent for this EVER……. if “THEY” can make the explosive demolition of the 3 skyscrapers on 911 look like a terrorist attack (despite the obvious incredulity of it all) they can make another energy inventor disappear no problems.

    This self destruct thing is a joke too… if you think they hacked the i-phone fast just watch what happens when the Chinese put the resources of their entire nation on this task.

    It would be a miracle if this thing gets traction period……if Rossi thinks he will ever make a dime out of e-cat he is dreaming… effect he is trying to “steal” a few trillion dollars from the biggest mafia on this planet and he already has tipped his hand and telegraphed his intention to do so. The chances of him winning this hand are slim to none.

    If I were him I would be focusing all my energy on just getting this one out…. the future of the entire planet depends on his success…. If he thinks he is going to be the next MEGA BILL GATES ON STEROIDS or something and take all the petro-dollars straight out of the pockets of the illuminati war mongers then he is about to get the shock of his life…

    think about the planet and not just the money…. as you will not win anyway….

    At very least ensure that if your are murdered or silenced that the blueprints are open sourced…..

    But the Illuminati are too clever for this… all they will do is infect all your families with a “phantom” horrible incurable degenerative disease that can be kept at bey permanently with drugs that only they can supply…
    You all have families people…. Get the information out before it’s too late and you do not have any options left.

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