2nd Commercial Cold Fusion Generator Planned for 2012 Release

Note: This article has been updated several times. Apologies to all. It is an effect of the digital environment that nothing can be known (Jean Baudrillard and Bob).

defkalion green technologiesA second commercial product based on cold fusion technology is planned for release next year.

Yesterday Praxen-Defkalion Green Technologies released a Technical Specifications Sheet detailing elements of the Hyperion thermal energy generator that creates heat using a nickel-hydrogen exothermic reaction Ni-H, the same technology that the Energy Catalyzer E-Cat generates.

Marketed for industrial and agriculture uses, the Hyperion will come in two models. A larger model will produce a thermal output power ranging from 10-45 kiloWatts and require at most 310 W electrical input power to run. That’s an energy return between 32-145 times the energy input.

The smaller model is a 5-11 kiloWatt output of steam power and requires an input of at most 200 W input of electrical power, giving an energy return ranging from 25-32 times the energy input.

The 5 kW unit has a reactor of dimensions 12 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm (12 cm = 4.7 in).

Defkalion Green Technologies Hyperion
Internal view of Hyperion thermal energy generator. Photo Praxis-Defkalion Press Release Nov. 14
A 2 liter bottle of hydrogen fuel and the nickel powder that hosts the reaction will need to be recharged approximately every 6 months for the 5 kW model.

The 45 kW unit can last up to one year on a hydrogen fuel charge and almost 3 years for the nickel powder.

More than 98% of the material weight of the Hyperion is made from recycled materials, and the nickel is recyclable when spent.

According to their website, the Praxen company is located in Cyprus and holds “full rights to its own technologies and will sell exclusive rights globally for the production of its proprietary products (Hyperion).” Defkalion Green Technologies is based in Greece and will license the product.

They also claim the Hyperion patent is pending, as are most patents in this area of new-energy research. The lack of patents granted in this field has stifled development of a technology that promises ultra-clean energy for a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels.

Private investment has eschewed the mostly small, independent companies developing cold fusion energy generators because the intellectual property has not been secured. Inventors, engineers, and scientists working in this area have been largely self-funded and forced to operate in an environment of secrecy.

There is speculation that the Hyperion is based on Andrea A. Rossi’s E-Cat invention, even to the extent of improperly procuring technology without his consent. Defkalion was associated with Mr. Rossi earlier this year and had a distribution contract for the E-Cat before their partnership dissolved over the summer.

Mats Lewan of NYTeknik has been regularly reporting on the E-Cat and recently wrote of an August telephone conversation with Alexandros Xanthoulis, a Defkalion representative who said, “I know what he’s got in the reactor, I know everything. It was a spectroscopy made by the University of Siena Padua.”

Spectroscopy of the interior of an E-Cat would reveal the elements within, thereby exposing the “secret catalyst” that made the E-Cat generate such high levels of thermal energy.

If true, litigation may be the news for 2012, and the years to come.

Praxen-Defkalion is one of the larger groups to enter this fast-developing area of new-energy technology. The specifications released yesterday show an advanced proto-type generator and that they are well positioned to deliver strong research and development. They admit “an incomplete proof of theories” to describe the reaction, nevertheless, Defkalion engineers have been very busy determining the conditions to keep the generator strong and stable.

Combined with access and support from the Greek government and European business community, they will be a formidable competitor in this still wide-open market for new energy technology.

Where their technology originated remains a question.

What is clear is they are serious about the Hyperion as a commercial product, hoping Greece can become “the global centre for R&D on LENR technologies.”

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13 Replies to “2nd Commercial Cold Fusion Generator Planned for 2012 Release”

  1. A secret shared is a secret no more. Rossi predicted that this would happen. I guess it was inevitable. Once a reactor was sold it would be off to the Laboratories in a flash. Still it makes one queasy to think that the obdurate old geezers in white coats have scuttled any chance of the real hero getting his just rewards.

    Keep them coming Ruby.

    1. But it might not have been “shared” with the University of Siena.

      It’s going to be a big mess. I just hope Rossi does get his share of the rewards.

      And I am so careful to live with integrity! …..sucka!


  2. Everybody’s attention is drawn to a few individual people Rossi, Defkalion and a small group of scientists that confirm their efforts.
    WHY every time I bring up the total incompetence of main-line science does nobody reply and start aiming criticism in a direction (unlike Rossi et al) where there is no possible defense for their silence, incompetence, and doubt. Cold Fusion is a proven phenomenon.
    WHY has science not informed every person on this Planet that a possible World shattering new Technology is possible, that they are moving money and manpower behind the effort to perfect the utilisation.
    Rossi spent 16 years finding the catalyst virtually on his own (other help excepted) how many man hours is that, how long would it take 1000 lesser scientists to repeat the work.
    Why has the United Nations not called on Rossi to hand over the technology to them for a united concentrated effort to bring Cold Fusion to the World.

    WHY do people concentrate on a side show of Rossi et al and not abuse, blame, attack the scientific profession for it’s clear and indisputable failure to do it’s job.
    WHY are they doing (except a few Rebels) nothing to move this proven Technology into the premier position of research.

    1. There is more drama coming this next year as multiple advances continue to emerge. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it! I may just hole up and go back to researching 500BC.

      Cold fusion threatens the Identity of conventional scientists. They have to completely change their paradigm, develop a new mental imprint, something not easily done.

      And that’s after they even are able to See and be Aware that it exists!
      We see what we’re programmed to see. We’ll jam the familiar right back into a new landscape. It’s called Rearview Mirror thinking.

      “We walk backwards into the future.” Marshall McLuhan

      The bummer is, that’s not all McLuhan had to say. He also stated that when Identity is threatened, violence occurs. The violence has been on a slow simmer for two decades, as cold fusion researchers were forced to work isolated, and without the perks of mainstream research.

      Unfortunately, we probably will see it rise to a new level before acceptance of this brand-new science occurs.

      1. Ruby, my line is the history of science which has been full of controversy and bad feeling throughout, but nothing has been learned.
        500. BC is as good as any but there was still much disagreement, Aristarchus some time later was in the middle of his heliocentric ideas.
        Hopefully Cold Fusion will not take that long to catch on.

    2. Human advancement isn’t at the top of the UN’s agenda. It may sound crazy, but based on this and other areas in which they have dropped the ball, nobody can refute it logically.

  3. Hi,

    I have been pondering sound, or sonic harmonic phenomenon (like cavitation), as being the catalyst in the Rossi – E Cat reaction chamber. This can also be harmonics in the radio frequency bandwidth, Knowing your interest I am sending you this. You will find enlightening leads in this piece I have been doing flash crowd education with.

    A bit of research and I come across this item. Rossi is associated with these folks who are experts in the cavitation phenomenon. http://pesn.com/2011/11/05/9501947_Cavitation_as_a_Purification_Panacea/

    Different frequencies of sound may cause cavitation and focus heat within the nickel and hydrogen lattice, specific frequencies oscillating through a harmonic may create standing waves weakening the lines of resistance between subatomic particles. Is sound the catalyst in the Rossi E Cat reaction chamber? Related information see Sonofusion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonofusion

    Are the radio frequencies creating a micro-cavitation within the nickel hydrogen lattice? This is the first post I found where Rossi mentions radio frequency generation as part of the reaction process. “In the self sustained mode, a one megawatt plant can operate at full power, while consuming a miniscule amount of electricity to operate fans, pumps and radio frequency generators.” http://www.leonardo-ecat.com/fp/Products/1MW_Plant/index.html

    Further harmonic speculation in a recent CBS News article “Cold Fusion Debate Heats Up After Latest Demo” ByNatalie Wolchover
    “Peter Hagelstein, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and computer science and one of the most mainstream proponents of cold fusion research, thinks the process may involve vibrational energy in the metal’s lattice driving nuclear transitions that lead to fusion.” .www.cbsnews.com/8301-205_162-57318762/cold-fusion-debate-heats-up-after-latest-demo

    “Not so far in the distant future, the next generation… will look back at our generation..
    and know that the term ‘energy shortage’ was a term for unenlightened minds” gbgoble-2008



    1. Thanks for the info Greg. This is truly a remarkable journey. As a musician, I am diggin the power of sound and vibration.

      If we can stay focused on learning new things, and the beauty of nature, turning away from the human escapades, there much to be grateful for.

      1. Discovery

        It’s of great use to wonder
        Why our minds wander
        In awe of it all

        Being forever true
        Seeking the new

        We are just now discovering
        That which has always been

        Impatiently awaiting us
        Craving our keen attention
        Hoping for deeper understanding

        Awesome is
        The wonder of discovery

        And the power
        Of awe


  4. The problem is people have way to high regard for science and scientists. To much idol worship goes on in this regard.

    1. JohnQ, The cult of individualism in America, derived from the print-oriented origins of the American Revolution, demands a disproportionate share of resources.

      Our minds are constantly looking for the Super Hero, and replaced by Sports Heroes.

      If only scientists had the benefits that they do.

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