2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar

Which Nobel laureates gave speeches in support of cold fusion?

Are any federal agencies involved in cold fusion research?

Who did reproduce the Fleischmann-Pons Effect (FPE) early on, and just where in the world were positive results generated?

When you need a couple of quick facts showing cold fusion is not only real, but nearing commercial potential, the 2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar can be your source for evidence!

It’s chocked full of historical facts that answer questions like ‘what physicist and famous science fiction author called “ignoring cold fusion one of the greatest scandals in scientific history”?’.

The 12-month wall hanging objet d’art et l’utilité used as a base the timeline published in Eugene Mallove‘s March/April 1999 Infinite Energy Magazine issue #24 commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the announcement of Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons‘ discovery of fusion-sized energy from water in a test-tube.

The IE published timeline itself was an update on previously published timelines in F. David Peat‘s Cold Fusion: The Making of A Scientific Controversy and Hal Fox‘s Cold Fusion Impact in the Enhanced Energy Age. The timeline in Tadahiko Mizuno‘s Nuclear Transmutations The Reality of Cold Fusion was also noted. Other sources were Edmund StormsThe Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction and early Infinite Energy issues.

The discovery of ultra-clean energy-dense power from the hydrogen in water languished amid mainstream hostility towards the experimental facts. While many of the smart, capable people who tried the experiment in 1989 saw nothing, there were plenty of positive results, and this calendar highlights those achievements. This calendar does not trace the many theoretical models that scientists are still formulating, but focuses on the early experimental data that showed anomalous effects.

It is not a complete “History” per se. All dates in previously published timelines were not used. Many events have exact dates, but too many events on one day forced some dates to be “thereabouts”. In future editions, we would like to rotate through all names and events with a different theme each year.

Who around the world continues to probe this Rumpelstiltskin-reaction, now called low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), lattice-assisted nuclear reactions (LANR), the anomalous heat effect, or quantum fusion?

And what companies are attempting to commercialize an ultra-clean next-generation nuclear power?

The 2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar can provide a few answers, as well as be a resource for those conversations that turn to repeating twenty-year-old manufactured myth as fact.

This calendar can be sent to schools, colleges and universities, chemistry, physics, and engineering departments, policy makers, investors, environmental groups, friends and family for education and awareness. Why even detractors could benefit!

Long-time cold fusioneers, LENRites, LANRists, Qua-Fus, and those who are just plain Anomalous will enjoy feasting upon the lavish photos of laboratory set-ups and cold fusion experimental apparatus. The early images from India and China are no less-then art, and portraits of researchers show the humanity behind the metal.

I hope the CMNS community will support this effort to educate and entertain. Log in your big days, keep track of what’s missing, to be collected into the spreadsheet of dates that will form the core data of a complete historical record which can be accessible through a super-cool digital 3D-holographic interactive timeline that has EVERYTHING!

I had never made a calendar before, let alone one that had science papers instead of holidays. I acted fast. (Who wants a calendar in March?) I am particularly grateful to Peter Gluck and Christy Frazier for kindly tolerating a quick last minute bid for dates and photos. Steve Featherstone generously donated his photos. A huge thank you to the scientists who graciously responded to my photo and date requests. I hope you are all happy with the result.

I look forward to your feedback. We have a whole year to put together the 2014 version, and it will be even better.

All proceeds will go to Cold Fusion Now and the New Energy Foundation to further clean energy advocacy and the direct financial support of cold fusion research.

Get a calendar mailed to your door HERE!

12 Replies to “2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar”

  1. This calendar is sure to become a collectors’ item. I am ordering cold fusion t-shirts, calendars, and Nanors. These are great gifts for my friends and family… ’cause I know they don’t have any of these yet.

  2. Thank you Greg! your order’s in!

    I will get them delivered on or before Friday from the printer. I can’t wait to see it!

    1. 4Nuclear economic

      Truth be told, I started the series ‘Economics of Cold Fusion’ on a high note with the DoE. Following it, the DoD was devastating. The burden of ‘Energizing the Warfighter’ hit home and my heart wept with ‘blood-not-dollars’ as a military measurement of the cost of fuel. (link)

      As depression nibbled at my toes, I realized that everyone is experiencing the same heavy heart when living with a shortage of energy and money and love (energy=money=love). The wave of compassion that washed over me left me giddy, I laughed, I cried < then I glimpsed our manic depressive side… and smiled. From the top of my head, and through and through, I knew that there is an abundance of energy all around us (never lost always changing form). There is more than enough energy, money, love, and sustenance for everyone. This thought, this realization, is keyed to our sociobiology, our evolution. Our strong survival instinct is now evolving to include each of each other and all life on the planet as a whole. (article)

      As king of the skeptics (on par with NASA), I realize and have witnessed the power of belief and faith… as that which moves us beyond our 'present predicament'; which is usually based upon false suppositions (often held in place by ourselves or others). Is the world flat… No. Can we fly… Yes. Simple as that… reality changes. I believe the world is round… and have the faith to prove it so. I believe we can fly (birds and bees do it) and have the faith, and perseverance, and we finally proved it to be so. Such is the strength of belief and faith; strong medicine… good medicine… if you can brew it properly, in truth and with science.

      The greatest thing about the economics of cold fusion LENR power is that it is cheap, really… really… really… cheap, cheap, cheap! It will quickly replace all sources of energy; because cold fusion LENR makes them unprofitable. Economics proves that a superior product at a fraction of the cost kills all competition, quickly.
      The next greatest thing about cold fusion comes in two parts: 1) LENR power is ultra, ultra-clean. 2) It replaces the industries which desecrate our planet the most (carbon and uranium fuels).
      The third greatest thing about cold fusion LENR power is it energizes the battle to save the Earth; which will be won through environmental restoration projects undertaken on a scale never seen before.

      1. Soo, please do not feel left beihnd, if Cold Fusion is real NOBODY understands it, it is new science at the Quantum level beyond anything known.The millions of words that have been written about steam and kettles are just the effect of this new physics, no need to get involved.It just means a new way of producing heat at very small cost ( a few grams of nickle ) has been found.Join the rest of the club, no matter what they try to make out, nobody understands the Quantum phenomenon that is occurring.We are in at the ground floor.

    1. Soo, you say you want an explanation but it is uclaenr what your level of scientific understanding is, so I’m not sure how to approach the question. Do you understand Widom-Larsen? Do you believe in it? How about Frank Znidarsic’s new paper?I do not have a formal background in the type of science that could explain this. I’m more of a tinker myself, so a full scientific explanation I probably will not be able to provide. I am good at research, so perhaps I can point you in the right direction. Also remember that there is no definitive theory of cold fusion yet. My goal is a layman’s site as much as that is possible. With it being that, there is only so much depth that I can go into or would like to go into but I would like to be able to point people in the right direction.

      1. Hi, I’m not a physicist either, but the basic mechanics of atoms of gas becoming trapped in the right sized houses in a host structure and ensuing reactions are not hard to envision. Boy, I sure would like to see some product though. I have a feeling that there exists such a wide spectrum of materials and approaches that many are afraid to commit to a product. I can think of 5 approaches that all have special merits. Who or what shall w2n?

  3. High school and first year unsvtriiey physics is the limit of my academic training. I have read about the WL theory only briefly. Is that theory the answer? Rossi asserts it does not apply to the E-Cat, since that process emits radioactive waste, and his device apparently does not. I suppose what I’m asking for the simplified layperson’s explanation as to why Rossi’s E-Cat is able to work without generating radioactive waste. I gather it’s an impossible request to easily answer, without getting into highly advanced quantum physics.

  4. I just received my calendar. It is very nice, and chock full of both information and trivia. I do believe that it will have collector’s value some day, but I intend to use mine as a calendar rather than hide it away in a wrapper like a true collector would do.

    I haven’t read everything in it, but so far it seems to have avoided the name Andrea Rossi. Rossi certainly is a controversial character, and he will remain to be so until/unless he releases a technology for published independent testing.

    Avoiding Rossi leaves the risk, of course, of missing a major point in the history of LENR. I would contend, in fact, that Rossi deserves note even if he proves to be full of hot air simply because he re-awoke the interest of the world in this technology.

    However, by leaving Rossi out, you prove well that LENR is not the Rossi show. Rossi is by no means necessary to prove the veracity of LENR. If Rossi is proven to be a fraud, the validity of LENR will not have been challenged.

    Thanks very much for your work, technically and artistically.

    1. Hi Bruce, Thanks very much. I’m happy you dig it.

      Mr. Rossi is indeed in the calendar. You musta been so excited – ya missed it!

      He has three or four entries throughout the year, and in fact his first entry is in January. It is my personal feeling that he is responsible for the wider public awareness of cold fusion/LENR since his demonstration on January 11, 2011.

      There is no way I could ignore his huge contribution to the field despite this calendar focusing more on the early historical achievements which deserve recognition much more than they have.

      Yes, please USE this calendar, make notes of things you think are important, and let me know for the next one, which I am stealthily planning already.

      THANK YOU for your support.

      1. Yup, I was so excited I missed it!

        Your calendar certainly does prove that LENR is not a one man show if the best known one man gets crowded out by everybody else.

        1. Absolutely, Bruce. The field is growing continuously.

          But that’s how big an impact Mr. Rossi had. So many people came to awareness after his demo, and therefore, many people think that “ecat” means “LENR”. They really didn’t, or even still don’t know, the larger scientific population on task to figuring this thing out.

          THANK YOU Bruce, you made my day!

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