2009 Science Channel show asked: Is it nuclear fusion?

“Almost limitless, clean power…” Yes, it is cold fusion!

The March 27, 2009 episode of Brink, a weekly show on the Science Channel, featured an update on the 2009 results of nuclear particle detection by the SPAWAR group at the American Chemical Society meeting that year. Read about the news on ScienceDaily.com.

Yes, it’s an OLD video, but for those of us new to the scene, it’s excavating the history.

Speaking from Washington, D.C., nuclear physicist Dwight Williams, Senior Science Advisor for the Department of Energy and a contributor to the show, gives the news cautiously, but open-mindedly.

He says of the broader mainstream science community, “All the jurors are still out.”

There is undeniable evidence that conclusively establishes the existence of the Fleischmann-Pons Effect (FPE), the production of excess heat when hydrogen reacts with a small piece of metal.

New designs for commercial hot-water boilers and steam heaters now in development use a powder made of nickel and hydrogen gas to create the same effect.

“If you think that the excess heat effect is not real, you’re being oblivious to data,” said Dr. Robert Duncan, Vice Chancellor for Research at University of Missouri in a recent talk at National Instruments.

This is the breakthrough for which the world’s been waiting.

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    1. That’s why we’re here, to bring the reality of cold fusion to the public consciousness.

      1. Which is worse for your mental health? Getting your news from TV or sniffing glue.

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