2-month Activity Log

OK, it’s been almost two months since Cold Fusion Now started and what have we  done so far to raise awareness about the importance of this research?

Here’s a survey of our activities so far listed according to their appropriate environment in the Five-body model of media ecology.

Chemical Body Activities

Our first act was to get Cold Fusion Now stickers printed up from Sticker Guy.  They took quite a while to be delivered, but they look great, and since the end of June, we have started sending them out as promotional tools.

Stickers were first sent, along with a letter supporting cold fusion research, to our “local”  California Senators Boxer and Feinstein in California and Representative Mike Thompson.

Since then, they have been mailed around the country to friends, artists, and scientists in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Florida.  We are hoping to get some good photos of Active CFN Sticker locations, so if you got yours, be sure to document that location – and email us your photo!

Cold Fusion Now stickers traveled with the Humboldt County Green Party delegation to Detroit, MI for their Green Party National Meeting aligned with the US Social Forum. We continue to lobby for cold fusion energy to be included in their party platform.

Sporting our stickers around town is a real conversation starter and the CFN crew spoke with a bunch of citizens during Arts Alive! art night and the 4th of July Independence Day celebration.   We had a sign that sparked some interest and several individuals stopped to ask “What is cold fusion?” and chat.  A surprising number of people already knew what it was, and it was interesting to see their faces change as memories of  “Oh yeah…… that cold fusion…” replayed in their minds.

The Tea Party Patriots had a booth at the 4th of July street fair, and I spoke with one of their members.  Left or right, it doesn’t matter, energy is on the minds of everybody, and I was happy with “Hmmm, I’ll look into it…”

We have just started the whole sticker mailing and I can tell you we have plans to contact members of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources  and Environment and Public Works committees as well as key legislators in the House of Representatives.  Hollywood has been targeted for its talent, and money,  and we continue to promote cold fusion to artists, musicians, and students, as well as political entities.

TV Body Activities

CFN has called the Whitehouse hotline at 1-212-456-1111 a couple of times respectfully urging more support more cold fusion research.  Put that number on speed-dial and check in with your request.  It appears that Grandma answers the phone, so be nice!

We’ve telephoned the two senators from California, as well as our local representatives’ office, respectfully urging the same. Find your representatives in DC here, and make a phone call to keep the meme alive.

I’ve called Jim Puplava’s Financial Sense Newshour, a great weekly broadcast on all matters financial, and requested that hosts Jim and John have guests with cold fusion knowledge to give a survey on where research is today and what prospects are for the future.  You can listen to my query and their response to cold fusion here:
Financial Sense call-in clip requesting cold fusion scientists.

I filled out the request form for Oprah to interview a cold fusion scientist.  Go here to do the same: Who do you want to see Oprah interview? If we get enough requests, this is SURE to pique the interest of Oprah’s crew.  Calling all cold fusion scientists – don’t ya wanna sit on the couch next to Oprah?

Chip Body Activities

The CFN team has put together a website and a blog with an easy name to remember.   In your conversations with people, it’s easy to tell them “Check out coldfusionnow.org  and watch the CBS 60 minutes segment.”.  They can then follow the links to the other super-fabulous sites that have extensive documentation to learn more.

CFN has partnered with Internet radio host James Martinez who is bringing cold fusion scientists to speak directly to the public through lengthy one-on-one interviews on his show Cash-flow.  Listening live, you can flash message in your comments and questions, or, download the interviews from his archive.  Go to Cash-flow on Achieve Radio to see the schedule.

Astral Body Activities

I daydream constantly about a cold fusion economy and what that might look like.

Mystery Body Activity?

That one is still a mystery to me.

For two months, that’s not half-bad.  And we’re going to continue to push.  We’ve got alot more activities lined up.  More mailings, more call-ins, more conversations, more requests, more demands, more art, more education…. until we can live with a clean, safe, and plentiful energy source, there will be no end to the activities of Cold Fusion Now.

Join us!  Document your activities and we’ll post them on the site.