Title Photo: Professor Hiroyuki Hama of Tohoku University giving speech at Opening Ceremony

Photo: Research Center for Electron Photon Science at Tohoku University

The opening ceremony of Tohoku University Clean Energy Research Lab was held on 1st April 2015 at Mikamine Hall in the Research Center for Electron Photon Science of Tohoku University.

Hideki Yoshino of Clean Planet, Inc, one of the groups involved in the cooperative effort, says, “We still have not finished setting up the lab, it is about 90% completed. So, we don’t have photos of the new lab. However, we have some good photos from the opening ceremony.”




Masanao Hattori, from Clean Planet, presented a new sign for the Lab to Professor Hiroyuki Hama. Hiroyuki Hama is Chair of The Research Center for Electron Photon Science of Tohoku University. He made an inspiring speech there.

Masanao Hattori (with a green background), Profesor Jirota Kasagi (with a pen), Dr. Yasuhiro Iwamura, and Takehiko Itoh each made a speech to share their commitment for a realization of the project with other members.





Iwamura made a presentation updating everyone on the current status of research and to affirm the shared goal with members of The Research Center for Electron Photon Science of Tohoku University. Iwamura is one of the new lab’s leaders on the transmutation of radioactive materials.

Clean Planet’s Yoshino says, “We feel that it is our mission to find ways to transmute nuclear waste as well as to develop practical applications for clean energy using LENR for the global community.”

“The new research center is located near Sendai which is in the area where the huge earthquake and the following Tsunami hit 4 years ago; Fukushima Nuclear Fission Power Plants are only 111 km away, about a 2-hr drive. So, we feel it is what really needs to be done for the global community and we are determined to make it happen!!”

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