Cold Fusion Now .org Stats

Curious enough… Cold Fusion Now .org stats are growing, up to 1,000 hits every 1 and 1/2 to 2 days.

Thanks to the breadth of cold fusion research, our visitors come from all over the world.

Hello World!

Each time someone shares knowledge gained….  interest is generated.

I figure the evolution of humanity and our understanding of the world as we ‘know it’
may be likened to our understanding of the ‘cold fusion’ nuclear reaction.

Quantum Unlimited Energy Manufacturers Association – QUEMA (one of many possibilities)

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August the eighteenth, 2012

Spanish English Translation

(acción de quemar) burning
(incendio) fire, conflagration
(liquidación) clearance sale

Also Tumba y Quema music… Enjoy!


NASA is selling licensing agreements for LENR manufacturing NOW. (visit and purchase)

Boeing has most likely purchased one. (Boeing)

With nano and quantum mechanical engineering. (and theory – Einstein smiles)

Cold Fusion/LENR (transmutation of elements in environments less hot than the sun)

Cold Fusion/LENR will quickly overrun all energy production modalities.

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