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Subject : Corporate suppression of society’s urgent transformation

To : The Governor of The Bank of Canada – Mark Carney

Economist – Paul Krugman

The Media Corporations – News publishing and TV

The Energy Corporations – Oil, Gas, Coal and Nuclear [fission] Power

Government Ministries – Finance, Environment, Energy, Transportation and Trade

From : John Varney

The Corporate world, from its conception following world- war II [as the Military/Industrial complex] has steadily evolved, thru relentless lobbying and legislation in the courts and government institutions, into a monstrosity.

The traditional values practiced by most “Companies”, prior to the corporate era, [that fostered trust, loyalty and transparency with employees and the public] have not only been steadily eroded they are, today, almost non- existent.

The Banking Industry is no longer the genuine friend and bedrock to the ordinary citizen [who struggles with humble means to survive and perhaps slowly get ahead]. The bank executive now acts as a predator to the vulnerable, exploiting every opportunity to separate this class of customers from their money [usually indifferent to the devastation that this behavior causes] whilst the wealthy customers [including major corporations] get the “sweet-heart” deals.

Further, many banks now combine investment business within their corporate structure in such a manner, that the flamboyant and “casino” business environment extracts wins for executives and shareholders and extracts via lobbying of government, losses from taxpayers and from those vulnerable customers involved in their regular banking business. Why do these banks, with so much unemployment among our young, educated folk, suffering financial hardship, continue to make record profits?

The media corporations massage the daily news to give an appropriate flavor for the benefit [or protection] of the shareholders, give generous compensation to the executive to exercise that subtle control. The most serious and appalling practice is the deliberate suppression [thru silence] of scientific or technological concepts [that offer a transformation in society but upsets the status- quo of the corporate world]. This ugly and soulless suppression reduces the editorial and reporting staff to obedient slaves of the media corporation and make them endure the label of spineless, cowards.

The Energy and Transportation corporations have divested themselves of any sensitivity toward changing the combustion and nuclear fission era [towards renewable or hot and cold fusion energy technologies] for the simple reason that the profit potential of the status-quo trumps the devastation of the environment, the health or even survival of their own progeny and the certain extinction of many of the globe’s life-forms.

The stealthy suppression of these exciting new energy technologies is the most insidious practice as it will eventually cause global chaos between nations and communities fighting for access to diminishing clean or uncontaminated resources, required for their survival.

There is a strategy that will, if immediately implemented, allow the global village to transform to a stable, healthy, and inclusive society with opportunity for all citizens, by making an all important, fresh START……..

Sincerity – Trust – Accountability – Respect – Transparency

John Varney
Toronto, Canada

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