Widespread destruction of ecosystems and wildlife from tar sands

This is a re-post from the Post Carbon Insitute, dedicated to documenting the last moments of the Chemical Age and who unfortunately does not yet realize the potential of the New Energy Age.

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Tar Sands Is Worse Than You Can Imagine: Incredible Images You Have to See
Posted Apr 19, 2013 by Leslie Moyer

The Suncor Energy upgrading refinery, on the banks of the Athabasca River.     Photo Credit: Copyrighted image; photographer not disclosed.
The Suncor Energy upgrading refinery, on the banks of the Athabasca River.
Photo Credit: Copyrighted image; photographer not disclosed.

Post Carbon Institute and Alternet have partnered to shed a powerful light on the true costs of our addiction to fossil fuels, starting with the Alberta tar sands .

Every powerful photo is linked to three meaningful actions that you can take right now to fight back against tar sands mining. We need your help getting the word out; please take a look at the images, take a stand, and share far and wide with your friends, colleagues and neighbors.

The mining of the Alberta tar sands is the biggest industrial project on earth and quite possibly the world’s most environmentally destructive. The visuals are hard to stomach, but the story is an important one to tell.

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As conventional oil and gas deplete, the energy industry must resort to unconventional resources that are more expensive, more technically challenging to access, and pose far greater risks to ecosystems and communities than ever before. The result is destruction on an unprecedented level.

The tar sands tale is told frame by frame in the image deck, guiding us from the clear-cutting of pristine Boreal forest and creation of vast open-pit mines all the way to the pipelines that transport diluted bitumen across the continent.

The connection between the astounding environmental destruction taking place in Canada and the debate over approval of the Keystone XL pipeline here in the USis clear. As the recent rupture of the Pegasus Pipeline in Arkansas makes abundantly clear, the transport of diluted bitumen from Alberta via pipelines to oil refineries thousands of miles away poses unacceptable environmental risks.

As important, the Keystone XL Pipeline is a key litmus test for the Obama Administration and the country as a whole. And the rest of the world is watching.

Although the Canadian tar sands contribute a small percentage of total global oil production and the Keystone XL Pipeline is just one of many contested fossil fuel projects in the world (in fact, First Nations and thousands of other Canadians are fighting an equally dangerous tar sands pipeline, the Northern Gateway Pipeline), this decision by President Obama is a keystone of a different kind – representing the kind of energy future we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

For that reason, it’s not mere hyperbole to say that this is a life and death decision.

We’re reaching out to you to speak up against the Keystone XL Pipeline by sharing these images with your friends, family, and neighbors, and by clicking on one of the calls to action associated with each image.

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2 Replies to “Widespread destruction of ecosystems and wildlife from tar sands”

  1. Must be recognised that because of the crazy capitalistic need for profit and power, any politician making any decision must take into account the number of people any such decision will leave unemployed and will always choose the path that leads to maintaining the most pointless jobs possible.
    This of course leads to decisions not being made for good sense, efficiency or benefit reasons but irrationally to maintain a position of wealth and power to the undeserving and keep the “lower classes” busy worrying about paying their bills.
    Only without money, finance and profit can the clear, logically best choices be made, that always must put the most possible people out of work but maintain or improve the welfare of all populations.
    Clearly people should celebrate the loss of unnecessary jobs and not fear the removal of people working pointlessly just to maintain capitalism. (meaning profit and power for the few at the expense of the many).
    Cold Fusion and all Energy is just one clear example of this perverted policy being played out everyday, in every area, or the (possible) certification of the basic E-Cat would be the highest priority of every government.

  2. My hope is that ‘believers’ following cold fusion LENR science prepare for the role that promoting this clean cheap energy will play; in order to accelerate the end of carbon and uranium energy use.

    The recent anti-fracking rally, last summer, in Washington was the largest crowd gathered there in the history of U.S. political demonstrations. People from all walks… creeds… States… ages… and backgrounds. Dozens of organizations joined together forming a coalition of earth loving activists opposing tar sands, fracking, pipelines, peak oil tactics, offshore wells, Alaskan extraction, uranium energy, dirty coal, mountaintop removal, strip mining, etc…. The largest political meeting in the history of our democratic nation, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people.

    Each missing a powerful key to the success they all seek… an energy replacement that will put an end to the destruction… the disease… both the death… and the dead zones created by the fossil fuel and uranium energy industries. The powerful key is a really cheap, clean, abundant, and easy to use energy source. An energy source that has a clear economic imperative (cheap cheap cheap)… with environmental side benefits. Finally an alternative energy source that is easy to sell, both ‘scalable’ and one that delivers ‘on demand energy’, and an energy source that requires no energy storage or transmission systems. Another side benefit (which is not to be underestimated) is that it is a nuclear dense energy (lightweight)… A totally clean atomic energy… Cold Fusion – LENR Energy engineering

    What should every ‘BELIEVER’ do the moment applied LENR engineering hits the market? This will be the E-Cat with its’ published third-party engineering report (in the next month). Followed by happy customers ordering more. (The first customers most likely have orders in for more units.)

    What are each of us prepared to do when validation happens?
    Say “I told you so” to ‘disbelievers’ at MIT, or at the DoE, etc?

    Heck No!

    What we are prepared to do is to present this key to every group and to every individual who went to Washington to end carbon and uranium energy use, and to every person who wished to, yet could not attend. Believers are prepared to teach each of these folks the wonders of applied cold fusion LENR energy.

    The next time…In six months or so… When these anti-carbon and uranium energy folks return to Washington… Their numbers will swell exponentially, and each of them will have this key, which we, the believers, will give them… Cold Fusion Now! LENR Applied Engineering!

    Soon we will become an ocean of cold fusion activists.
    Informed by cold fusion advocates.

    Demanding a turning of the key, LENR energy!

    Cold Fusion Now!

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