LENR-Gen Module needs your vote

George Miley‘s LENUCO company is vying for a chance to speak and “pitch” for funding to develop the LENR-Gen module, this time, from private investment representatives.

LENUCO has previously attempted to access ARPA-E funding at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit.

LENR-Gen modules are, according to Miley, “LENR Power Units [that] use pressurized hydrogen–nickel nanoparticles undergoing low energy nuclear reactions to create a very high energy density heat source configured for co-generation power for home or industrial distributed power.”

Support LENR research and VOTE HERE.

Then check for confirmation email so your vote counts. Didn’t get it? Check your Junk (Spam) folder.

Voting ends March 15.

From the website’s http://futureenergy.ultralightstartups.com/pages/timeline:
To participate in the Future Energy Pitching Event at MIT on April 4, 2013, companies must apply for consideration. Future Energy is opening the selection process to the public and the energy community through a crowdvoting contest. The two startups that receive the most votes during the crowdvoting contest will receive automatic bids to present at the Future Energy event at MIT on April 4, 2013.

March 1: Crowd Voting Opens
Future Energy will pre-select startups to take part in the crowdvoting contest
Pre-selected startups will be invited to create profiles on the Future Energy crowdvoting platform. Sign In Here
Voting and rating opens to the public

March 6: Pitching Application Closes
Last day to apply to pitch at the April 4 Future Energy event at MIT.
Click here to apply to pitch at other Future Energy events

March 15: Crowd Voting Contest Ends
The startups with the most votes will be announced. These companies will be guaranteed two of the eight pitching spots at the Future Energy Pitching Event at MIT on April 4, 2013.

Give LENR a hearing – vote NOW!

ARPA-E has failed its claimed mission to support experimental research on new energy, and now forces scientists to get crowdfunding votes. U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently stepped down, choosing not to serve a second term.

Cold Fusion Now expects ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar to fund LENR research, or do the same.

7 Replies to “LENR-Gen Module needs your vote”

  1. I think it is everyone’s goal to increase the rate of technological advancement. The Law of Accelerating Returns states that as technology advances, it fuels even faster technological advancement. I can’t think of any emerging technology that would fuel even faster technological advancement than a clean very very cheap and super abundant energy technology (except maybe AGI).

    In other words, a lot depends upon the development of LENR, and thus George Miley’s LENUCO.

  2. One day when Cold Fusion or knowledge gained from the research has matured and many scientists children ask, what did you do to help Cold Fusion change the World Daddy, most will proudly be able to reply,

  3. It would appear that not all votes are being counted. Mine for example. I cast my vote and did not receive an e-mail confirmation. A rigged vote perhaps?

  4. Competing projects at ARPA-E Energy Future are ramping up their vote totals. Not knocking the other technologies, but it would be good to see LENR enthusiasts getting behind Dr Miley.

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