U.S. Senator Hopeful – A LENR Enthusiast!

He’s an underdog, but this Navy veteran from Michigan has the most relevant credentials in energy interests, and he’s not afraid to share them even during his run for the U.S. Senate.

Randy Hekman, running for the Michigan U.S Senate seat, is a promoter of LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology. And as mentioned, he’s not afraid to talk about it, going so far as to state the massive potential it has for industry.

Check this out from the Detroit Free Press:

“In between, the physics enthusiast has been involved in business ventures trying to unleash LENR — Low Energy Nuclear Reaction — as a commercial power source, something Hekman said holds promise of being “a trillion-dollar industry.”

An offshoot of debunked cold fusion research, Hekman described LENR as “an alchemy sort of thing, but totally consistent with science.”

There you have it. A political candidate publicly coming out and supporting LENR. And not just as “something to look into” which was previously the best we could hope for to come out of a politicians mouth, but instead bluntly stating LENR as a promising “trillion-dollar industry.”

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