TV SHOW “FRINGE” Features “Cold Fusion” In Opening Title Sequence

For apparently the second time, the opening credits of the TV show “FRINGE” featured the words “COLD FUSION” in a retro styled sequence.  Other technologies and science were mentioned as well, such as DNA profiling, nanotechnology, and cloning.

The particular episode was a flashback to an earlier storyline taking place in the 80’s, hence the retro looking titles and the highlighting of technologies originating during the time.

Here’s the thing – all of the other technologies mentioned are now accepted and considered “mainstream”. Just a coincidence that Cold Fusion was included in this group? A coincidence as well that it got the best spot for visibility (we tend to read left to right, Cold Fusion was in the perfect spot, the top upper left position).

Full opening titles:

Opening sequence video:

Fringe Retro Title Sequence Returns Fringe Television

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