By Hal Fox, Editor of Fusion Facts published July 1989 – December 1996
Published 1992 by the Fusion Information Center Salt Lake City, Utah
Complete with “Over 90 pages of Bibliography of Cold Fusion”
on a 3 1/2″ floppy disk stamped April 13, 1993.


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Cold Fusion Now!

Cold Fusion Impact in the Enhanced Energy Age/Book and Disk

1994 Cold Fusion Sourcebook dedicated to “Children of Chernobyl”

The Salt Lake City, Utah Fusion Information Center founded by Hal Fox was the first research center dedicated to researching and publishing about cold fusion. Newsletters such as Fusion Facts, the New Energy News, and Journal of New Energy all emanated from this organization beginning in mid-1989 and running through 1999.

Hal Fox speaks at Conference on Future Energy
Hal Fox was the director of the first research laboratory at the University of Utah Research Park. Realizing the benefits of this new form of energy, he became a strong advocate, creating several companies and organizing many publication efforts to advance the field. The Cold Fusion Sourcebook edited by Hal Fox coalesced The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Cold Fusion and Advanced Energy Sources held in Belarus, Minsk May 24-26, 1994.

The book is dedicated to three classes of people:

1. To those international scientists, engineers, and inventors that have diligently pursued the truth; who have trusted the integrity of other scientists who reported on their new discoveries; who have replicated, and improved, and, in turn, reported on this new science of cold nuclear fusion and other enhanced energy devices.

2. To the new scientists, engineers, inventors, and scholars who now can follow in the footsteps of those who have led, and become leaders of others. You will be the individuals and the generation who will develop, install, and use the new non-polluting, inexpensive energy systems that will help improve our homes, our countries, and our world.

3. To the Children of Chernobyl.

Cold Fusion Sourcebook edited by Hal Fox [download .pdf]
from New Energy Times

Fox’s Introduction follows here:

“When I first learned of the devastation to Belarus (and parts of the Ukraine) from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, I was strongly distressed at the intense penalty that was imposed upon the nation, its people, and especially its children. I determined to do something for the last “Children of Chernobyl”. I desire to express my commendations to those who risked their lives to tell the world about the silent killer in their land and all of us express our thanks to the concerned citizens from many nations that are trying to help. There is no nation on earth that is in a better location for the international conference on new energy than Belarus. There is no nation on earth that deserves and needs a new non-polluting source of energy more than Belarus. That is why I am here with you at this conference.”

“I’m pleased to be the editor of the English version of the proceedings of this important international conference early this year I want to over 50 cold fusion scientists whom I call my friends, and asked them to provide reports on their work. Each one was asked to write an article which would become part of a “Cold Fusion Source book”. In addition, my friend Ben Filimonov of Belarus invited papers from leading scientists from his part of the world who had been successful in the development of this exciting new technology of cold nuclear fusion. With the help of excellent translators, especially Ms. Tamara Grinevich, those papers, mainly from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), have been included in this publication. In addition, we have also included some invited papers that deal with some other enhanced energy systems (new energy systems that provide more energy out then used as input or driving energy).”

“The first article in the Cold Fusion Sourcebook is mine and is meant to set the stage with the articles that follow by providing a review of the many new methods, in addition to the original Pons-Fleischmann cold fusion cells, by which nuclear reactions and/or excess thermal energy can be produced in relatively simple “table-top” experiments. The second paper is by Dr. Ben Filimonov, who categorizes the many phenomenon of cold nuclear fusion and provides us with a new way of looking at this rich phenomenon.”

“To the attendees of this conference and those who read our work: we challenge you to make use of this knowledge, improve what we have done, and solve the energy problems so that there will never again be anymore “children of Chernobyl”.
–Hal Fox Introduction Cold Fusion Source Book 1994

Chorus: Will we ever learn?

Courageous new energy scientists continue the effort to develop clean energy technology from cold fusion as our planet is again threatened with the horrific damage of radioactive poisoning that alters the genetic code for generations. Along with pollution from fossil fuels devastating our world wildlife and biodiversity, and war and terror rampant in our streets, there is little more important than working for change in our arrangement for living and peace on planet Earth.

Talk to your friends, family, educators, and legislators about clean energy from the hydrogen in water, and demand

Cold Fusion Now!

Chernobyl Legacy by Paul Fusco [watch] will be disturbing.

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