What if matter was a state of energy?

With his famous equation E = mc2, Albert Einstein proved that when you come right down to it everything in the universe is energy.” – Deepak Chopra

The current scientific “worldview” is that matter exists in four distinct states, with the most common states on Earth being: solid, liquid and gas. Beyond gas is a more exotic kind of electromagnetic substance called plasma, which is considered to be the most common state of matter in the physical Universe.

Electromagnetic SpectrumIf Einstein’s theory of Relativity implies an interchangeble equivalence between matter and energy, then it might be consistent to view all states of matter as states of energy – like steam, water and ice are states of water. Why cannot we view energy as manifesting within a spectrum of higher to lower frequencies or vibrations? For example, that part of the spectrum which is visible to us might manifest as light, plasma, and matter. Matter could then be viewed as “solidified” or “frozen” energy – the densest state of energy. Matter as a state of energy with the lowest frequency or vibration, could be further sub-divided according to its vibrational frequency into gas, liquid and solid.

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