Art Show 2012 Winners: “Their Banner is Excelsior!”

The New Energy Paradigm Shift 2012 Art Show was the first online art show by Cold Fusion Now, and we had alot of fun putting it together.

The idea popped this fall when I had to switch hosting services. I was paying $100 a month for awful service from a company called Dreamhost (let’s be friendly). I had enough, and my pal Humphrey found Lightning Base, a small independent company who would host our site for $20 a month. What a relief!

I had to celebrate!

The need for images in this field is dire. Today’s “reality”, where “everything’s disappeared”, has post-literate bodies interacting almost wholly through imagery, and the dearth of images and animations about cold fusion greatly impedes communication about this science.

It was decided: we would share some of the savings to support artists to do images of cold fusion.

Ten artists answered the call, and did so with a wide variety of perspectives, from “the sublime to the ridiculous”, appropriate to the loose free-style open-ended theme we threw out there.

Artist Filip Schrooyen and painter Tony B. Conscious focused on the figures of new energy and cold fusion with portraiture of pioneers Martin Fleischmann and Nikola Tesla.

Sheree Rensel and Ra Superstar created collage works focused on the stewardship of Earth.

Humberto Gomez Sequeira-Gomez humanized the digital hypno-wheel with a woman’s face in Roxy Galaxy while Andy Heck Boyd used images of cold fusion co-discoverer Stanley Pons combined with abstract geometry to retrieve absurdity in Untitled.

The scientific aspects of cold fusion were beautifully rendered using digital graphics with Terrance Burnett‘s Cold Fusion and Tom Barnett‘s Palladium Winter Palace. Owen Geiger created an animation modeling Vortices in Plasmonic Waves.

The New Fire presented itself in the hand of a human with Adrian Grecu‘s Better Than Fire.

We solicited comments and received virtually all of them privately.

The feedback highlighted different aspects of the personal expectation each respondent had, but there was strong proclivity towards a few entries that focused on cold fusion.

Thus it is we are proud and happy to announce the winners of the Cold Fusion Now New Energy Paradigm Shift 2012 Art Show prizes.

1st prize : $100 goes to Adrian Grecu for his depiction of the New Fire in the hands of a human in Better Than Fire, described by one respondent as “visually arresting”. It reminded one person of the ancient times when Humans first traded fire amongst their tribal neighbors. One thought it would make a great poster to promote the field.

Better Than Fire by Adrian Grecu

2nd prize : Cold Fusion Then and Now T-shirt goes to both Owen Geiger and Terrance Burnett, who each wracked up votes for a tie. Burnett’s Cold Fusion shown below references what may be the simple model of a hydrogen atom shifted to multiple phases into photon energy, inducing a deep space meditation of possibility. Owen Geiger’s Vortices, shown in the heading at the top of this page, dynamically mathematically models unifying principles between multiple new energy phenomenon through animation.

Cold Fusion by Terrance Burnett

3rd prize : New Cold Fusion Now Stickers goes to Filip Schrooyen.

Portrait of Martin Fleischmann by Filip Schrooyen

Tom Barnett and Tony B. each came in with Honorable Mentions.

Palladium Winter Palace by Tom Barnett
Cold Fusion Now by Tony B. Conscious

But heck, I love it ALL, and we’ll be sending a goodie to each and every one of the contributing artists to this show! Each deserves acknowledgement for the creative thought towards new energy and the Transformational Shift that it brings. We’ll be featuring art on our front page throughout the year – and gearing up for Art Show 2013!

… who look far above earthly things, whose banner is Excelsior!

Gentlemen, let us honor the artist;
let us thank him, let us drink his health! —Nikola Tesla