Shift 2012 Owen Geiger

“This video clip shows three key concepts/processes – vortices, plasma and standing waves – that illustrate the unifying principle in LENR, cavitation, HHO systems, the Papp engine and possibly other similar events to overcome the Coulomb barrier.

The reactor is pulsed with AC current and/or RF waves until resonance between the metal lattice and charged particles (hydrogen, in case of Rossi’s method) is achieved. This creates a standing wave in the plasma, and the inherent spin force in atomic particles creates vortices within. The ions are accelerated toward the metal lattice at extreme velocity as the radius of the vortices get increasing smaller. Hydrogen in microcavity Nuclear Active Environments (NAE) is forced together under heat and pressure, thus overcoming the Coulomb barrier.

Keep in mind that this elemental process is key to galaxy, tornado and hurricane creation and probably many other things in nature. This process is a fundamental force that’s creating the universe.”

Vortices in Plasmonic Waves
Owen Geiger
Digital Animation

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