Skate park gets 90% saturation

Cold Fusion Now is away from the office on holiday break, but the message never stops.  Visiting Venice Beach, California skate park, the kids were rolling through some curves.

Between rounds, I gave out a couple of stickers. The reaction?

“Cold Fusion Now? Cool.”

“It’s nuclear power out of sea-water.  No radioactive waste.  No CO2.  If you have access to water, you got fuel”, I say.


They slapped ’em right on their boards.

That’s what I call awesome!

This pint-sized flyer wowed the crowd, and everybody saw her Cold Fusion Now sticker when her board floated!

Short bit genius on wheels.

We walked the beach and gave out stickers to a few select artists, some of whom knew what cold fusion was, and were pleasantly surprised to find out it’s for real.

A couple of good conversations about energy on a beautiful sunny day.

Merry “Cold Fusion” Christmas from the beach!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to All!