Top Five Reasons to Support Cold Fusion

Our Top Five reasons to support cold fusion technology are listed as:

1. Cold fusion energy technology is ultra-clean.
2. The fuel is abundant.
3. The reaction has a high energy density.
4. New energy technology accompanies new economic paradigm.
5. Cold fusion technology empowers local communities.

Learning about these effects of cold fusion/LENR/LANR/CANR/”nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions” technology, and describing each effect above with a short sentence and an example, is a good way to start talking about this technology with your friends and local officials.

As the economic and ecological state of our world deteriorates, we the people need to find the words that describe a path forward, words that we are not used to saying, or thinking.

If we are to discover our power as human beings, and flip this civilization into a positive, harmonic component of Earth’s biosphere, a new vocabulary for our life, and a way to communicate that vocabulary, is critical.

It is in this spirit that we continue forward, groping for a framework, a model, that can allow all humanity a chance to live in peace and harmony with all life on Earth, and beyond.

Ruby Carat wrote and recorded the audio back in June, before her cross-country tour to South Florida. Eli Eliott put images to that audio.

Thanks to Robert E. Godes of Brillouin Energy for his description of “the ultimate renewable energy”.

Cold Fusion Now!

8 Replies to “Top Five Reasons to Support Cold Fusion”

  1. Ruby it all comes down in the end to quality of life for everybody.

    as half the workforce can easily produce everything needed it may one day become clear that the Capitalist way of creating an illusion that everybody must work and struggle, will be recognized for what it is.
    A conspiracy for inequality of effort verses return.

    Every technological advance, Rossi’s E-Cat included, obviously means less work and more time to enjoy life and help others, but Capitalism dictates that one should fear unemployment, and not as it should be, celebrate it.

    It does not have to be Capitalism versus Communism or any other “ism” but the best of any system that produces the best result for all and not just a select group of inheritors and manipulators.

    1. I was thinking that it was better to think of unemployment as preparing for a new way of living. I am unemployed, and now I have lots to time to write Cold Fusion Now posts and swimming at the beach!

  2. Cold fusion debunked! They use 3% hydrogen peroxide and nickle catalyst to produce same 40KW increase in heat as E-cat claims.

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