Mr. Rossi talks E-Cat

Steven B. Krivit of the New Energy Times went to Bologna, Italy to see the Energy Catalyzer in operation. As the first commercial application of cold fusion technology planned for industrial release in October of this year, the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat for short, is anxiously awaited by the world as a viable alternative energy.

Still, numerous false hopes over the past twenty-two years have caused scientists and industry alike to be extremely skeptical of the claims generated by this small, scalable, green-energy reactor that uses a fuel of hydrogen.

Mr. Krivit is the author of The Rebirth of Cold Fusion but is now backtracking and vehemently against the calling this reaction “cold fusion” and skeptical of Mr. Rossi’s technology as well.

Read a review of Rebirth of Cold Fusion by Scott Chubb on Infinite-Energy.

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  1. Tell Mr Krivit to stop worrying about what to call Cold Fusion and learn to become a honest reporter.

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