More Messages through Postcards

There was a lone page of free address stickers to the Senators from California, US and a Humboldt County Representative to Congress that didn’t make it for that wildlife conservation campaign last year…sigh.

Not wanting them to go to waste, I printed up some postcards supporting LENR research, and dropped the sticker address on them.

Why send one letter with lots of signatures when you can send multiple post cards each with a signature – the number of them making a greater physical impact in the mailbag? (Reason: postage! Maximum size: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high by .016 inch thick for US postage rate of $0.29.)

Post Cards
The Senators from California will receive multiple messages of support for LENR research with these postcards, each hand-signed by a different person.

After applying stamps, I say “super-dense clean-energy from the hydrogen in water”, and people are happy to sign.

Surely our Senators from California know of this research. Surely this was brought to their attention. Surely they know what type of energy research is occurring right in their own districts.

Whatever their state of knowledge, legislators, those holding government office need to hear from us. If our present energy brokers don’t do research and development, for clean energy or otherwise, then the federal government needs to address this.

Energy Industry R&D Spending
Energy industry R&D is paltry compared to other industries.
We need action on a viable alternative energy.

The energy industry spends 0.3% of sales on research and development, ten times less than the average for other industries.[1]

Energy from the hydrogen in water is clean, safe and affordable.

Low-energy nuclear reactions research occurs in your district!

Support independent business.

Stimulate a new economy based on clean energy.

There are solutions.

Fund LENR research now.

Getting out in the streets and collecting signatures is fun, and you give people the gift of feeling as though they are acting for something beyond themselves. Filling up a mailbag with physical messages for new energy research is a small step in turning that feeling into a habit.

From Dynamics and Bifurcations: Small changes in any parameter can completely alter the phase portrait.

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