Jan Marwan: “Start talking”

That’s what the public could do to help jump start a new energy future for our world.

“Start talking wherever you are, in your family, at work, when you’re in governmental institutions, start talking. The more you talk about this topic, the more you raise it, the more you involve other people, …you know… it spread’s like a virus!”

Word. Spreading the meme of clean energy to save our planet means talking about it.

Says Dr. Jan Marwan, founder and CEO of Marwan Chemie a German laboratory researching LENR, in his recent interview with James Martinez, “for an honest and true science, …we have to keep our mind open.”

There is strong resistance.

The American Institute of Physics canceled plans to publish the proceedings of the most recent American Chemical Society‘s conference, where the latest LENR research was presented, and just weeks before its scheduled print date. That decision “does not support a smooth transition to a new science”, according to Dr. Marwan. “We need to solve the problem together, and that’s why this AIP decision makes me so sad.”

It’s a very difficult and very sensitive issue, but Dr. Marwan insists “I always try to be diplomatic. I did not want it to be radical.”

He says that as younger people get into positions of research, they don’t bring the prejudices that older scientists have, and that the young students he’s encountered at universities around the world are generally open-minded.

“I’m trying to spread around the idea of cold fusion, the importance, the significance, to address it, … and to make clear that there’s something going on, we shouldn’t deny this, we should focus on it and we should start working on this.”

“That’s always my philosophy, to get people interested to say ‘maybe we should have a look at this – maybe we should start something‘.”

The Introduction and Overview to LENR on his laboratory’s website quotes the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhaurer (1788-1860).

When a new truth enters the world,
the first stage of reaction to it is ridicule,
the second stage is violent opposition,
and in the third stage
that truth comes to be regarded as
self – evident.

To hear Dr. Jan Marwan talk cold fusion research, go to the Cash-flow archive for November 4, or download the .mp3 directly from the Cold Fusion Now audio page.

And start talking!