James Martinez on Coast to Coast AM – Tonite!

An Earth Day Special Alert! Live on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp Cold Fusion Now’s own James Martinez. Listen live at 1AM Eastern, 10PM Pacific at the Coast to Coast AM show website. Almost now!

Open lines – phone in your questions and comments LIVE.

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James has conducted interviews with scientists involved in cold fusion research on his Cash-flow show, which you can download and listen to on the Cold Fusion Now audio page.

In the latest interview, James hosted Dr. Edmund Storms, just back from a conference held by the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, where they discussed the latest findings in low-energy nuclear reactions, a two-decade old science that is just about to emerge as a technology.

In this Earth Day exclusive, James will talk with host George Knapp about a newly emerging energy technology that will change the way we exist on this planet: cold fusion, a nuclear power generated by water.

That’s right – water. Converting the hydrogen in water into energy, an ultra-clean nuclear power is generated, with no radioactive materials, and no radioactive waste.

Our Earth is precious, and the life that exists on it fragile.

Make your commitment to work for the good of humankind and all life that exists on this planet, to strive to better ourselves, and honor the wildlife, the oceans, the sky, and all who call this unique world home.

James’ interview with Jan Marwan :

“Start talking wherever you are, in your family, at work, when you’re in governmental institutions, start talking. The more you talk about this topic, the more you raise it, the more you involve other people, …you know… it spread’s like a virus!”

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The Water Cycle — NASA Earth Observatory