Jake Fusion for the Future

Introducing “JAKE FUSION”

Jake is one of the first round of newborn’s who enter a world where fossil fuels have peaked, and Cold Fusion technology is right now on the brink of potentially becoming a liveable reality.

Jake will be entering unprecedented territory. A world completely different than those around him grew up in.

Sometimes a photo can evoke some deep curiosity on what the future will hold for those just making their grand entrance.

The general scenario is likely to be a balancing act between Collapse and Cold Fusion. But which extreme will come first and how much of each will be unleashed in the meantime?

2011 is half over and while Collapse continues it’s path, the excitement over a Cold Fusion reality has been extraordinary. And the second half of this year looks to be twice as exciting.

Let’s take Jake into a Free Energy future and keep pushing, promoting and supporting this much needed technology. The technology that is going to be necessary for the safe, healthy and positive upbringing of newborns everywhere.

(Oh and by the way, Jake Fusion here was actually born on Andrea Rossi’s birthday).